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How to write a Discord bot in Python

In this tutorial, you may learn to make a straightforward Discord larva with Python. In case you do not understand what Discord is, it's a Slack-like service aimed toward gamers primarily.

How to host a Discord bot on Heroku for free

I am attending to use an equivalent code as that supplied with the article written by X. There area unit some ways to approach this, this is often however I fuck.
I'm employing a Linux system here, therefore the raincoat and Windows users do the equivalent.

How to write a command-line application using Python and Click

I needed to make a command-line application for myself.
I had the concept, I knew during which language i'm reaching to write, that is Python. once some analysis, I found that the integral module that comes with Python, argparse isn't enough.

SlackAPI: Send BOT Messages Using Python

In this article I shall be talking regarding however you'll be able to send messages from your Python App to your Slack space victimization Slack API.

Setup: GitHub Public API Application using Python (Part-1)

In 3 half tutorials, i'm planning to show you the way to form GitHub API application mistreatment Python.

How to make a RESTful API with flask-Restplus and Python

Flask may be a microframework for Python supported Werkzeug, metropolis a pair of and sensible intentions.
And before you ask: It's BSD licensed!
In past few years REST has emerged as a go-to style for creating genus Apis.

A simple data analysis in python

This tutorial can justify a step by step procedure to form a straightforward application in Python artificial language which will extract and fetch knowledge info the information from a given file and so perform some terribly basic calculation and analysis tasks on those data to supply the output.

Python programming using Arduino

This tutorial can justify a step by step method to point out a light-weight and handy python program that may work with Arduino.

Making a Python script to get Desktop notifications on Cryptocurrency prices

I decided to create an easy Python script to grant desktop notification on my Ubuntu system just in case a cryptocurrency crosses a limit.
Let's dive into the code.

Create a website blocker with Python

Creating your own application offers you flexibility and management over the ultimate product and within the finish you'll produce specifically what suits your desires.

Creating an English dictionary application in Python

We will produce associate degree English wordbook that takes a word as input from user and returns back the which means of that word.

Creating beautiful webmaps in Python

For this tutorial I even have ready a listing of a hundred volcanoes set in Japan.

Write a Slack bot that handles Excel files (xlsx)

I will teach you to make a straightforward Slack larva that may use associate degree stand out sheet as it's info within the back.

How to Make Vim Plugin with Python

In this article, we tend to ar progressing to learn the way to Vim Plugin using Python.

How to make Chrome Extension using Python

In this article, we tend to ar progressing to learn the way to form Google Chrome’s extension’s backbone exploitation Python rather than JavaScript.

How to Make Atom Plugin with Python

Atom may be a writing editor created by the GitHub team.
It is terribly easy, powerful and extremely customizable editor.
Here i'm reaching to produce a plugin for locating and exploitation code snippets from StackOverflow.




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