How to host a Discord bot on Heroku for free

So, in an article "How to write a Discord bot in Python" by Junpei Shimotsu, he showed us how to make a Discord bot in Python. Continuing that I want to show how I host my bost on Heroku. Don't worry we'll be using the free tier of Heroku.

I am going to use the same code as that provided with the article written by X. There are many ways to approach this, this is how I do it. I am using a Linux system here, so the Mac and Windows users do the equivalent.

So, let's get started.


Apart from what you needed to make the Discord bot, you are going to need git, a GitHub account, Heroku CLI and a Heroku account.

Step 1 Set up GitHub We need to have a working Discord bot so that we have something to push to GitHub. Let's start with creating a repo for our bot.

To know how to create a repo, click here

Then clone that repository on your local system.

now change directory into your repository.

Step 2 Create a simple bot

Make a file and put this or your working bot code in it.

import discord
from discord.ext import commands
bot = commands.Bot(command_prefix='$')
async def on_ready():
    print('Logged in as')
async def greet(ctx):
    await ctx.send(":smiley: :wave: Hello, there!")'<YOUR_TOKEN_HERE>')

Step 3 List Python dependencies.

Create a requirements.txt file and put the dependencies of your bot in it.

git+[email protected][voice]

Since my bot uses the rewrite version of the library. You will add here whatever depencies that your bot has.

Step 4 Create a Procfile

A Procfile is a mechanism for declaring what commands are run by your application’s dynos on the Heroku platform.

Since we are not going to host a bot, we will use the worker dyno.

worker: python3

if you have the Heroku CLI installed, run

$ heroku local

And if there are no errors in your code, this will start your bot and you'll notice on your discord server that your bot cam online. Now if everything is fine, then push it to the GitHub.

$ git add .
$ git commit -m "Initial commit"
$ git push

Step 5 Create Heroku app

First Create a Heroku app, give it a unique name.


After creating you'll be taken to the deployment page. Here you'll see an option to use GitHub for deployment. After connecting your GitHub account with heroku you can choose which your repo to use for deployment.


Now that repo is selected, press that manual deployment button. And it'd be a good option to enable Automatic deployment.


Now press "Deploy Branch" to deploy your application. And if everything goes well, you will get this.


At this point we are done and our bot is now online. If you have any suggestions or questions leave in the comments below. You can also connect with me at GitHub/anshulc95 or Twitter/anshulc95

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about 1 year ago

Thank you very much! You helped me a lot!

about 1 year ago

Hey so If I put the bot token on GitHub the bot will thin that it's token was compromised. Since the Heroku is pulling the files from GitHub I can't place the token without a .gitignore file. How do I hide the token so the bot won't kill itself?

@NoodleShogun I am storing my token in the `.bashrc` as an environment variable. Since the bashrc file is not in the git repo, you don't have to worry about it being public. And then you can add environment variable on Heroku to that your bot runs there.

Great! now I have a problem. Locally the bot can be host through Heroku but doesn't work on the actual site when I deploy it, even when the Environment vars are configured. does it use different syntax for the site and .env file?

I have the same problem ^^

btw i have the issue and i am using rewrite for my bot :/

Kay I finally found out what was up. @Yolotroll101 This article forgets to mention that you might need several build packs, and an Aptfile for using git. Also it fails to mention the you need to turn on the bot by going to the Resources tab, It lists the apps you have and they have a switch on the right. There's a pencil Icon click it and then you can switch the bot on. It will come online shortly. if that don't work look at the build log.

hello first thank you for this great job and my question is how can i host a bot from github in heroku '(beginer)'.thnk you

@steemiencreative hi, I wrote another article for this, pelase check it out

10 months ago

If i installed what should i write on requirementss.txt @anshulc95

10 months ago

my procfile isnt showing up in the resources page, and i cant get the bot to come online, although if i use the local version it works

So. I have a procfile and all that. I know my bot works yet it won't run 24/7 and I have a heroku acc. Why?

There's a problem, how can I ensure that people are not going to steal my token and use it to destroy my server ?

Why doesn't my bot come online when I use async, do I have to make a `` file?


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