6 Python recommended learning site collection

Python is general-purpose, high-level programming language which is relatively easy as compared to other languages and provide multiplatform support.
No matter if you are beginner and want to learn basic or seasoned developer and want to develop your application. Here is the list of all the best resources available to learn Python.

1. Codecademy: Learn Python

Codecademy is the best site for learning coding online, it does not matter what language you want to learn.
It provide a huge learning resources for almost every languages.
If you are beginner and want to learn Python, there you will find the complete and the best resources for learning python with name Python. This course is designed for absolute beginners and will let you write the code in the browser and you will see the result right there.
Right now, there are around 2.5 million students enrolled in this course.

2. Learn Python the Hard Way

Learn Python the hard way: is basically free online book which provide huge collection of Python tutorials.
No matter if you are beginner and want to learn from scratch or expert one this python book is for everyone.
This book consist of 52 exercise and cover everything from very basics to advanced and super complex python concepts.
Around 1.5 million people read this book annually.
Here is the link for the resources of this course.

3. Python.org

The official Python site provide huge collection for learning Python which is available for free.
This site is best for those who looking for comprehensive view of python language.
The official documentation of python provide the complete guidance for every topics.

Since these documentation are provided by Python, are the most updated with the latest feature and release notes.
Learning from official documentation is always good to know the basic and to get the detailed view of programing language.
Here is the link for Python official documentation.

4. Google’s Python Class eBook

Google online Python learning resources are best for you if you are beginner and want to learn from scratch.
These tutorial by Google are well written and organized, you will find there step by step instruction with code snippets and exercise.
This free Google Python course consist of three parts python courses, videos lectures, and python exercise.
You will find the written resources in first part, which consist of string, list, sorting etc. and you will learn the fundamental of Python language.
The second part contain the visual resources and make learning experience interesting. Here is the link for this free course.

5. Coursera: Learn to Program: The Fundamentals

This one is one of the best resources for learning Python, this courses is created by University of Toronto.
This course is designed for those who are actually first-year university student and have no knowledge of programming and want to learn programming.
The content of this course is divided into seven weeks and every week having a content of four to eight hours.
This course is absolutely perfect for beginners and teach you from scratch to dive deep into fundamentals of python.
Here is the link for this course.

6. Dive into Python 3

Dive into Python 3 is basically an online resources of programming language for those who have no prior knowledge of programming and computer science.
This book is great for you if you are beginner. This book cover from installation of python to advanced level complex concept of python.
In this book, you will found detailed case study with sample code. Here is the link for this online Book.



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