Made the same sample application in Hyperapp, React, Vue.js and compared the sizes.

I don't want jQuery (DOM manipulation), and I am a beginner about React, Vue.js,Hyperapp.
Although sample code is released, accuracy is not guaranteed.
I think that you should read this article for reference level.


I made a tool to easily configure Raspberry Pi's wireless LAN with microSD.


This tool can easily create Raspberry Pi's wireless LAN configuration file (wpa_supplicant.conf) just by entering the SSID.
By writing this to the MicroSD containing Raspbian with a PC, you can set up the wireless LAN before starting Raspberry Pi.

(For those have Raspberry Pi, it can be used as a practical tool. )



Bundled npm package

  • React or Vue.js or Hyperapp
  • crypto-js's crypto-js/pbkdf2

I tried to compare the sizes.

React   110293
Vue.js   76012 
Hyperapp   12026   

98 KB differed between React and Hyperapp.

Impressions of using Hyperapp

  • It was confirmed that the size is considerably smaller when made with Hyperapp
  • Because It can use JSX, I thought that those who are accustomed to React didn't have any difficulty. (there is a difference that it is not camelCase like onclick)
  • I think that it is unsuitable for large scale products because there is little information, but I thought it would be good for individuals to make small ones.
  • I thought that compatibility is good with how to use IoT devices (such as ESP32 that can function as Wi-Fi access points) that require consideration such as limited Flash area and battery holding as a Web server.


Thank you for taking the time to experiment with these. I've been wanting to try Hyperapp for some time now, but think the same as you in terms of large x small applications.


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