A project you can learn how to develop iOS App just fixing build errors and runtime errors

I released such a project. https://github.com/takasek/MokuMokuNotes_iOS


Once an Android Engineer @callipan had created a project I can learn how to develop Android App. I enjoyed the project and felt that the project is like a game.


Inspired for the Android project, I designed MokuMokuNotes_iOS as a quest-based teaching material. A player (I want you to "play" the project.) can raise the level of developing skill by clearing quests one by one.

What to learn

  • how to search sources in Xcode
  • delegate pattern (MVP)
  • designing with Storyboard
  • how to connect IBOutlet
  • registering and dequeueing to/from UITableView
  • how to navigate to another UIViewController

How to play

  1. Install Xcode via Mac App Store
  2. git clone https://github.com/takasek/MokuMokuNotes_iOS.git
  3. Open the project and build it.

    • However, you encountered a build error.
  4. Fix the error with the help of hint.

    • In this situation, follow the hint press Command+/
    • Fixed!
  5. Build the project again.

    • If you are enough attentive to read the messages, you must understand shortcut keys such as Command+B or Command+R.
    • Build succeeded!
    • However, you encounter a runtime error.
  6. Fix the error with the help of hint.

    • The links described will help you. Don't forget to read them.
  7. Build the project again.

    • You will see a new quest.


Enjoy quests.

"There is lack of hint" "So what I should do?" "Poor English"... Any feedback is welcome!


Thank you for write your first article. I am looking forward to sharing your knowledge.

21 days ago

I had 30min of fun with Playgrounds. Thanks for the article. I’ll check them out.

21 days ago

This is how they thought us in the university I went to in Ireland when we were introduced to our first programming language. Great way to learn.

During my Ph.D. I had to tinker with a program to make it output specific data in a specific way so I can use it for something else, the program was actually written in Fortran. I remember spending a good two weeks reading the documentation and playing around with the code as I got comfortable enough to do the actual modification. It was really a fun experience.


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