Using Snippet notes to make programming faster

I will introduce one example of how to use Snippet notes feature in Boostnote

I am an iOS developer, usually using Xcode as an editor.

When programming, basically I want to summarize the functions I want in Notepad. In the past, I used a Mac’s default note-pad, but it was hard to reading code and I often lost notes.

However, in the case of Boostnote, Since it is possible to hold multiple programs in one Snippet note, it is easier to reference later.

Snippet-note examples

Example -> UILabel

You can put relevant code together there. Please see the image below.

img1 and is included in Snippet note.

If you want to use it, copy the code of “” and paste.

Automatic language recognition


Furthermore, if you use Boostnote Snippet note and put the extension “.mm” in the title, it recognizes automatically as “Objective-C” language and highlights the sentence.


Also, if you want to check the property specific to Label, you can customize “UILabel” without hesitating because it is written in “”.

There are many other notes such as “UIToolBar” and “UIWebView” in the first image, but I use it all the same way.

I used to search Mac’s Note-pad each time before and I was surfing the Internet so I could program earlier by that amount.


In addition, it would be greatly appreciated if you have any other good usage.

That was the introduction of my Boostnote Snippet notes usage.

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