Thanks to your contribution, Boostnote v0.8.17 is out 🎊

We were able to receive a lot of awesome pull requests from many contributors. Thank you guys :)

Here are the main features added in v.0.8.17.


The added main features

1, New theme and layout

Added new theme and improved the layout. You can choose your favorite theme from Default, White and Dark.

This feature is cooperated by Yutaka of CEO and Chief Designer in STUDIO., Inc. 🤘

・Change default theme and add white #1108 ・Icon Design Update #1138 ・Update note design #1161

Contributor : Yutaka and Kazz 💪


2. Add counter on note filter #1052

Can check the number of notes on note list.


Contributor : Paul Rosset 😁

3. Option for preferences in menu #1093

Added an option to open ‘Preferences’ to the menu. For Windows/OS X this is in the “Boostnote” menu, for Linux in the “File” menu.


Contributor: clone1612 ✌️

4. Fixed the scrolling bug on Windows

Thanks to tsebring’s advice I was able to fix it.

5. Document translation

romainwn translated documents into French. We are waiting for translation to the various languages :)

Contributor : romainwn 👏

6. Added shortcut ctrl+q for quit and quit the app when using the Windows Close button #1043

  • added a shortcut (like mentioned in the comments of the issue) CTRL/CMD+Q to quit the app.
  • close the app (instead of minimize) when clicking the close button Contributor: mslourens 🙌

All updates at v0.8.17


  • Fix note title #398
  • Adjust Note in Uitab && Add message notification for data policy save #1025
  • Include each note only once when sorting by pin #1033
  • added the context menu to the list view #1036
  • Fix enabling no focus right click pin to top and show adequate context menu #1038
  • make ZZ work in vim mode #1041
  • added shortcut ctrl+q for quit and quit the app when using the Windows Close button #1043
  • only make the selected tag active #1049
  • Add counter on note filter #1052
  • Add PlantUML support #1062
  • enable importing file to empty folder #1064
  • [Improvement] — Option for preferences in menus (916 & 1074) #1093
  • Change default theme and add white #1108
  • Add simple addon for CodeMirror #1126
  • Add task item to indent adjustment target for list #1127
  • Add community on tab in preferences #1133
  • Add facebook group url to infotab #1135
  • Icon Design Update #1138
  • Improve the initial content #1153
  • Update note design #1161

Bug fixes

  • only decode the url when the content of the link is a string #1042
  • fix solarized dark/light code block thema bug #1061
  • solarized light/dark bug fix #1081
  • replace selection with pasted image #1119
  • Fix windows scrolling bug #1149


  • Fix grunt pre-build error #1104
  • electron-prebuilt is obsolete. use latest electron instead #1105
  • Removed mixpanel #1114
  • Updated markdown-it-kbd to 1.1.1 from 1.1.0 #1156

The Next Roadmap of Boostnote

From now on, we will preferentially add features with many requests on GitHub Issue.

For example, WYSIWYG editor can be released in next update.

Our community welcomes you anytime. Let’s make Boostnote together 🎸🤘



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