Thanks to your contribution, Boostnote v0.8.16 has been released 🎉

First of all, thank you for all of contributors!

We were able to receive a lot of pull requests from all over the world and these were very very helpful.

Here I will introduce the main features added at v0.8.16.


The added big features

The added big features are 1.Tag filtering, 2.Folder sort feature.

1. Tag filtering

The long-awaited feature that had received feedback at many times in GitHub Issue was finally released.

This feature makes it possible to filter tags from the sidebar.


Contributor : Sosuke. Thanks for your supporting everyday 🙌

2. Folder sort feature

This feature makes it possible to folder sorting. You can setting in Preferences.


Contributor : PrimaMateria. Thanks for your contribution 🎉

Great pull requests

Next, I will introduce pull requests which were especially wonderful received from contributors.

1. Pin to top

It is possible to fix the note position at the top of the note list.

Contributor : asmsuechan. Thanks asmsuechan✌️

2. Right click to delete note.

Right clicking the note list makes it possible to delete note.

Contributor : voidSatisfaction.Thank you 😊

3. Availalbe for solarized dark and light

The new themes that Solarized dark and light are added on Editor and Code block! Contributor : Holland, MI Thanks 👍

4. Turn off notification

You can turn off the notification when save to clipboard.

Contributor : Peter Urda. Thank you 🙌

5. Document translation

voidSatisfaction translated documents into Korean.

We are waiting for translation of various languages!

Contributor : voidSatisfaction. Thank you for your support everyday 👏

All of updates at v0.8.16


  • Feature rearrange storage #853
  • Allow users to disable “Saved to clipboard” notification. #897
  • Feature tag area #922
  • Add notelist right click(context menu) and delete note #943
  • Support for solarized dark and light themes #948
  • Improve searching #954
  • Pin to top #956
  • Add keyboard markdown #1019


  • Fix grammer in InfoTab #895
  • Align notification bar with the navigation bar #906
  • Place notifications on the right side of the notification bar #911
  • change grand to grunt #915
  • Fix “borde-box” typo #934
  • Sean/improve english #937
  • Grammar and capitalization fix #951
  • Change to apply font with single quotations #955
  • Fix to create imageDir if it does not exist #961
  • Fixed button protrustion when creating a new folder. #969
  • Replace pdf to print #972
  • Fix URIs decoded with mdurl #978
  • Fix layout #979
  • Fix #982: Tag list cannot be scroll #988
  • Grammar fix #992
  • Adjust tooltip (#963) #994
  • Fix side nav style #999
  • start point of absolute to the right. #1000
  • Fix typo in “Markdown” #1004
  • Adjust notification HotKeyTab #1010
  • Change the tooltip text of the lock button for easy to understand what its role #1014
  • ClearMessage notification HotKeyTab #1016
  • Change crowdfunding Bountysource to OpenCollective. #1017
  • Make on keyboard introduction #1020


  • Add recent translated korean developement & debug docs #941
  • Add try/catch logic to recording of analytics events #950
  • Fix: “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘className’ of null” #968
  • Add getTargetIndex() and replece them #973
  • Remove unused vars #984
  • Snapcraft #986
  • Add ama event for snippet lang #1002

The Next Roadmap of Boostnote

From now on, we will preferentially add features with many requests on GitHub Issue.

For example, I think that the WYSIWYG editor can be released on sometime soon, look forward to it!

Let’s make it together 🎸🤘

Thank you for all of your support!

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