Boostnote’s past and future 1 -Past-

What is Boostnote?

Boostnote is a note-taking service for programmers who are enthusiastic of open source software and spread to 198 countries and regions.


Available on macOS, windows, Linux and mobile app will be released the next month!

10hz (renamed from Boostnote Team) will be released soon!


The beginning of Boostnote

A CLI tool that I was building with my friends when I was still a college student, we improved it little by little, is current Boostnote.

At that time, we were developing under the name of “CodeXen”, but there was much feedback that says “I don’t know how to read CodeXen”, so we changed the name to BOOST and released the first version.

After that, we noticed that there is a C ++ library named BOOST and changed the name to Boostnote. We also made it open source at the time.

Crowd of knowledge

There are several reasons to make Boostnote open source, but the main reason was the following two points.

1, We wanted to try it.

The biggest reason why we tried is that because we wanted to create a world class open source project from Japan!

In addition, it was also boosted by the feedback that “Please make Boostnote open source!” from many users.

2, We wanted to play a part in social experiments through open source.

A software is the philosophy of the author, and Open source is the aggregation of outputs.

The gathered people who are interested in Boostnote become a small community gradually and eventually it’s becoming a big “crowd of knowledge”.

And recent years, its concept has rapidly penetrated the world in the form of crowdsourcing and it will eat the world rapidly in the future.

I believe that the essence of crowdsourcing which was born from open source comes from “Open and Mutual aid”. And I would like the required proficiency to optimally allocated under the democratic environment.

I do not want there to be a place to exploit labor.

Even if we leave it alone, the world will be updated to the working style based on open source.

If so, we want to speed up the world as an open source provider. This is the greatest motivation for us now.

Make a global community connected organically.

We are passionate about make the service that be used around the world.

And I thought that I want to make a community that connects globally through an open source project named Boostnote.

I have no experience so it has been very helpful to advise from Mr. Masa of President at Nulab, the worldwide software company.

How about open source?

In conclusion, I think that it was the best choice. I’m very happy when I felt the community of Boostnote spreading to the world.

Also, I could meet people who would never met if I have not turned Boostnote to open source.

Among them, I came across people such as my mentor and my colleagues who support daily development, so I think that it is truly the best.

If we could enrich someone’s life through the community of Boostnote, that is the best moment for me. Kampai😆🍺

In the process of building Boostnote community, I think that what it can build an environment which communicates with worldwide users interactively is the greatest asset.

As mentioned above, I want to expand the global community further and make it connected organically with the essence of open source.


* Next article

Publish the country ratio of Boostnote users and those who are Star on GitHub’s repository. About 10hz (Boostnote for Team). etc.



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