Boostnote Tutorial Movies

Movie introductions of Boostnote’s usage are released on Boostnote Channel in YouTube.

How to change the UI color theme

Boostnote has several themes. It is an introduction video on how to change these.

Change the code block theme

You can select your favorite code-block theme from many themes.

Change Font Size at Preview Window

How to change the Font size of the preview

Change Font Size at Editor

How to change the Font size of the editor.

Change Font family at Preview window

How to change the font family of the preview.

Change the Editor Theme

You can select your favorite editor theme from many themes.

Setting the Keymap

In addtion to normal Keymap, you can select Vim and Emacs Keymap.

Change Window Size

How to change the screen size.

List of Shortcut Keys

You are not need to use mouse on Boostnote. List of Shortcut Keys.

Setting Toggle Main HotKey

Start Boostnote with a command.


Finder is the feature that quick search (like Spotlight Search on Macbook) and paste content from clicpboard easily.

How to export markdown to file of .md and .txt

How to export .txt and .md from Boostnote.



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