Boostnote is now on OpenCollective!

Today we are happy to announce that we have started to accept financial contributions to the Boostnote project via OpenCollective.


What is OpenCollective?

OpenCollective is a crowdfunding platform for the open source projects. It has beautiful UI and transparent about finances.

An Open Collective is a group of people with a shared mission that operates in full transparency. Everyone can see how they receive or spend money.

Contribution and Donation

Actually, there are many crowdfunding platforms. — there are a few reasons I chose it:

  • Nulab CEO Masa who is my mentor taught me OpenCollective.
  • I think “contribution” is not only to writing code but also donation to OSS. You can make a donation to the OSS easily and find a variety of projects in OpenCollective. For example, a lot of my friends use VueJs, this is one of the most successful project in this platform.
  • It will be PR of the company. Donation to the open source project as a company through OpenCollective leads not only to the corporate branding and recruitment but also to growth of the donated projects.


I do not want to monetize Boostnote in ridiculous way such as advertisements, limits on number of devices and etc. I’d like to provide Boostnote which is loved by many developers, for free forever.

Whether you are using Boostnote in such as office or school, no matter which platform you choose, one thing is certain: your contributions will help keep Boostnote sustainable and make it better in the future.



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