Boostnote for Android and iOS apps are coming!

Boostnote is an open source note-taking app for programmers.

We have got over 4,000 Stars at GitHub 🌟

We have already been offered Mac, Windows, and Linux app, and finally, we released mobile app today 🎉

iOS Android Repository



You can easily take notes using markdown. “Markdown with a mobile app?” You might think about it, but it is convenient if you get used to it 👍

With Boostnote, you can easily take notes and browse its contents you need.

For example

  • Record and store any ideas and methods you came up with
  • Save the meeting minutes
  • Save Links to Read Later etc….


The current development status of Boostnote Mobile is still MVP. We‘re going to add a lot of features like below.

  • ✓ Make Android and iOS apps open source! / Done
  • ✓ Synchronizing data using dropbox / Updated!
  • ✓ Markdown input assistance / Updated!
  • Image attachment
  • Star the notes
  • Full text search
  • And what you want?

Tech stack

Both iOS and Android apps are made with React Native.

As there were many problems in development, I will write these solutions in the another post.

In conclusion

This is the distribution of users. We are delighted that Boostnote is used all over the world. 🌏




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