C++ Tutorial 19 Lessons for beginner

It's a summary of 19 C++ lessons.


1.Getting Started in C++

  • Introduction to C++
  • Compiling your first C++ Program
  • Basic definitions

2.Flow of Control in C++

    1. If/Else Statement
    1. The for loop
    1. The while loop

3.Programming Paradigms

  • Procedural Programming Paradigm
  • Object-Oriented Programming Paradigm
  • General Example

4.Basic concepts of OOP

  • Data Abstraction
  • Data Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism

5.Recursion is very useful in solving certain problems

  • Recursion
  • Base Condition
  • Direct/Indirect Recursion
  • Memory allocation for recursion
  • Output

6.Access Levels of a Class

  • Public class members
  • Private class members
  • Protected class members

7.Important Libraries In C++ For Beginners

    1. iostream.h
    1. string.h
    1. math.h
    1. regex

8.Scope of Variables

  • Variables with local scope (Local variables)
  • Variables with Global Scope (Global Variables)
  • What if there exists a local variable with the same name as that of global variable inside a function?


  • Namespaces

10.Single Dimensional Arrays

  • Consider the case where we want to record the test marks for 30 students in a class.
  • Initialization of 1D Arrays
  • How are arrays stored in memory?

11.Dynamic Memory Allocation In C++

  • The new operator
  • Creating Dynamic Array
  • The delete operator

12.Static Variables

  • Normal Static Variables


  • What are pointers?

    • Advantage
    • Disadvantages
  • Pointer variables
  • Pointer variables
  • Dereference operator (*)

14.References in C++

  • What are references?
  • Some important points to note
  • Calling Functions with References
  • Returning references from functions

15.Type Conversion of Data Types in C++

  • Implicit Type Conversion
  • Explicit Type Conversion

16.Data File Handling

  • Why do we need data file?
  • Types of data file
  • Opening and closing data files


  • Some Points about Constructs
  • Sample Program illustration

18.Abstract Classes

  • Pure Virtual Functions
  • Early Binding
  • Late Binding

19.Important Data Structures In CS

    1. Arrays
    1. Binary Tree Data Structure
    1. Graph Data Structure

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