Javascript 2017 Rising Stars

2017 was a great year for Javascript.
Rated the top language by GitHub, there was 2.3 million pull requests made on Javascript projects over the course of the year, that’s over a million more than Python which holds the number 2 spot.

With an estimated 4.9 million Javascript based projects on GitHub alone, it reigns supreme when it comes to a choice of libraries. Whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish you can almost guarantee there is a library to help.
That can make it hard to keep track of whats new when you’ve been filing your share of pull requests, though.
To help we’ve put together a list of our favourite projects launched in 2017.



Launched as part of the Shopify e-commerce platform, Draggable is a new library that makes supporting drag and drop functionality in any web app or browser a trivial task.
You can install it via npm, yarn, or simply including the library via their CDN.

While still officially in beta, this library is already an essentially tool to have.

Creator: Shopify

License: MIT License

Link: GitHub

Frappé Charts

Good graphing libraries are hard to find. Many are slow, bulky, hard to learn, or don’t support mobile.
Enter Frappé and their wonderful SVG chart library Frappé Charts.

A small and easy to use library, Frappé Charts is small, responsive, quick to learn, and best of all requires no additional dependencies.
The charts have a sleek GitHub inspired look as well; what’s not to love?

Creator: Frappé

License: MIT License

Link: GitHub


Javascript UI frameworks are growing in popularity everyday.
With big project like Vue.js and React, it’s almost becoming a pleasure to design your interface using Javascript.
Almost. The problem is a lot of the existing UI libraries are big and bulky, with a steep learning curve and lots of dependencies.

DisplayJS looks to solve these problems.
It is lightweight (100kb for the entire library), requires no dependancies, and is very easy to learn and deploy.
If you’re looking for a new framework, or just want to make your UI work more enjoyable, be sure to check it out.

Creator: Arthur Guiot

License: MIT License

Link: DisplayJS Homepage


Sublime Text has a beautiful, real-time fuzzy text search ability.
If only we could use it everywhere! Well, now you can.

FuzzySort is a fast and powerful sorting library for text strings.
It has an array of advanced configuration options and supports the pre-loading of targets to provide further speed enhancements.

Creator: Stephen Kamenar

License: Unspecified

Link: GitHub


No list of new libraries would be complete with mentioning a scrolling animation library.
MoveTo only does one thing but it does it amazingly well.
Clocking in at only 1kb when gzipped, MoveTo is small and fast.
It only requires a single import call, after which you can animate any scroll, with Easing functions as an optional extra, by simply specifying moveTo.move(target).

Creator: Hasan Aydoğdu

License: MIT License

Link: GitHub

Front-End Checklist


This final entry is a bit different from the rest.
Front-End Checklist isn’t a production library; it won’t give you pixel-perfect animations or make it easier to implement beautiful graphs.
What it will do is make sure your HTML code is clean and compliment.

With granular control, you can specify what type of issues to check for––recommendations or only critical bugs.
Front-End Checklist is a must have for any UI developer.

Creator: David Dias

License: Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal

Link: GitHub

These are only some of the awesome libraries that were released in 2017, with thousands more undergoing continued development and enhancements.
With it’s rise to the most popular library Javascript has become a staple of any developers (web or otherwise) skillset, and 2018 will hopefully bring many more great tools to make your next project the best it can be.

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