Powershell script that can reset all blank/new line diffs at once

A few months ago I created scripts that can take all database module into script such as table scripts, stored procedure, views. It could get all database changes be trackable.

But this scripts has a small issues which output new blank or new line at when it works. I couldn't end up find out the root so that I created new scripts that can reset these new blank or new line. It's going to be OK if new blank and new line are removed!

Reset script is like this;

$diffs = git diff --stat-width=800 -w --ignore-blank-lines
foreach($diff in $diffs){
    if($diff -match "\|\s+0"){
        $diff -match "\S+"
        $filename = $matches[0]
        git checkout $filename
        echo "Reset $filename"

git diff can't do for several diffs at once, so I use for to process each files.


Thank you for your first article. I'm looking forward to sharing your knowledge.


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