8 Advertisement services to paste on apps and websites

There are certain platforms particularly designed for mobile apps like Google’s ‘AdMob’ these are called mobile advertising platforms.
The mobile advertisements are great for generating revenue in exchange for some mobile apps for free.

A huge amount of mobile traffic, buyers and sellers are diverted by using these mobile advertisements.
They are at times even bothersome for some users when the pop up while they are using their free apps.
The reach of these mobile advertising platforms is immense, and they serve approximately 90% of the advertisers globally with an audience of over 800 million!

1. Admob by google

This app is owned by Google and is one of the most popular tools for monetization through mobile apps.
It can easily incorporate necessary features into any user’s app and then create reports to keep track of the earnings.
AdMob also ensures maximum profit generation by achieving certain insights about the relevant customers and get more in-app purchases.
Some of the best features of AdMob include cross-platform capability, fast payment, and flow visualization reports.


(img: Gigaom)

Flurry’s mission is to optimize the mobile experience of users by having better apps and personalized ads.
It has the largest app data set if we talk about consumer usage in the world thus maximum advertisement revenue.
It has more than 700 million mobile smartphones and tablets globally and thus is very promising and confident regarding its analytics.

3. ADColony


  • Realized stable and high profitability in two axes: budget-rich global advertiser's advertisement project and domestic advertiser's advertisement project.
  • Multiple advertisement display format can be introduced with one SDK. It can be posted to a wide range of smartphone applications such as games, news, SNS.
  • Playback of video advertisement can be started in about 0.1 seconds, delivering vivid HD video without letting the user feel the loading time.

4. Unity Ads

Unity Ads is a video advertising service that generates advertising revenue without interfering with gameplay Unity Ads is designed as if video advertising is part of the game. Publishers such as Next Games, Halfbrick, and SEGA are using video reward advertising and have also succeeded in monetizing them.


Developers can make use of cross-promotion and run directly negotiated deals.
It aims to create endless monetization opportunities with the help of the Chartboost video that depicts impact and transparency to developers.


It is present on both Android and IOS.
Standard banners, smart walls, and icons are some of the huge variety of ad formats they offer to their users.
Crash reports and weekly payments are another attractive features of this app.

7. InMobi

One of the most advanced monetization app for games.
Can easily operate on multiple platforms and generates a comparatively easy to install programs.
The range of the ad formats is endless, and even monetization tool is present for the app business.

8. Applovin

AppLovin's platform will lead to all advertising media and will automatically purchase media through our network, helping to smoothly acquire new customers and monetize brands, and encourage existing users.



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