Top 10 popular Javascript projects on Github

In this article, we will list down top 10 most popular javascript projects on github.
Javascript is a high-level, interpreted programming language.
Alongside HTML and CSS, Javascript is one of the three core technologies of World Wide Web content engineering.
It is used to make dynamic webpages interactive and provide online programs, including video games.

1.React JS

Created by Facebook, React JS is a library that is used for creating powerful reusable UI components.
One of the positives of using React is that it hides away complexity by using a virtual DOM which helps improve application’s performance.
Features of the React JS include the javascript syntax extension, unidirectional data flow, components and much more.
Learning React is easy if you have a good grasp of Javascript.

2.Vue JS

Just like React, Vue is another framework for building lovely user interfaces.
This progressive framework is designed to be easily adaptable as time passes.
This makes the library easy to integrate with other projects and use anytime.
Vue JS is known widely for its simplicity and asides that, it is lightweight, well documented and allows for flexibility during development.
Vue encourages developers to write “simple JavaScript”.

3.Node JS

Node JS is one of the best frameworks ever for server-side development, one of those that gave JavaScript its popularity with server-side scripting projects. Node JS has brought about package management tool NPM which has helped made life easier for a lot of developers.
Developers also love it as it provides a non-blocking(I/O) model, can be used to develop real time web applications, is easy to learn, and has a large community.


Atom is one of the best text editors you will ever find. Competing with the likes of sublime text and visual studio as it is features-heavy and comes up with a smart autocomplete, an integrated spell-check and it is quite easy to use. It is however difficult to get started using Atom, this is because the time it takes to setup the plugins that help make for a great experience.
Installing Atom on Linux is not so difficult though.

5.HTML 5 Boilerplate

The development of web pages has become more complicated overtime. With productivity at stake, reduction of routine tasks is of high importance. With HTML5Boilerplate project, development becomes a more enjoyable process.
This is the most popular frontend boilerplate framework you would find as it helps build fast, robust and adaptable web applications.
It includes the Normalize.css, jQuery, a custom build of the Modernize face detection library and provides high performance to crown it all.

6.Three JS

There are a few 3D computer graphics frameworks, and Three JS is one of them.
Three JS is used to create beautiful 3D computer graphics in web browsers by utilizing the WebGL engine.
Three JS comes with a bunch of features. Features such as effects and scenes, camera, animations such as skinnedmesh and morphblendmesh, lights etc. have helped it gain popularity.
Its large community of developers and users is an immense positive, so you can expect stable improvements on this project.

7. Meteor JS

Talk about frameworks for building applications for all platforms, and Meteor JS is one of the best you would ever find.
Meteor JS allows for real-time web development, makes for easy development of the client side, server side and the database of applications much easier, it is easy to code in and pick up by beginners and also has a huge developer community.

8.Express JS

Express JS is a flexible Node JS web application framework used for developing quality web and mobile applications.
Used majorly for building web applications and APIs, Express JS has become very popular in the JavaScript community.
If you have been in the system for a while you most likely would have heard of the MEAN stack before, Express makes up the backend part of that stack.
Express JS makes the development process faster, it‘s easy to configure and customize, can be integrated with a ton of template engines and doesn‘t make a connection to databases a hassle.

9.Chart JS

img In this world of big data, visualization of data has become of huge importance not just for statisticians alone but for web developers as well.
With Chart JS, you can display beautiful charts on web pages ensuring that you do not have to experience a change in the environment before visualizing data.
Chart JS is lightweight and fast, makes for the creation of responsive charts, has a very clear documentation and support as much as 8 chart types. If that isn‘t enough, Chart JS has a large user community so you can find issues to problems pretty fast.


img This is a JavaScript package management tool that helps make the development process easier.
Just like React, Yarn was developed by Facebook and could be considered an improvement on the NPM tool as it parallelizes operations which npm doesn‘t and makes more efficient use of the network.
Some of the reasons for Yarn‘s popularity is its speed in execution, robust working system, availability of license checks and its incredible compatibility with the NPM and Bower package management tools.


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