Introduction of Solidity.


Just like every other programming language based on smart contracts, Solidity is a high-level programming language based on contract to enhance Ethereum Virtual Machine.
The world today is rotating around Ethereum especially those in the Crypotocurrency departments.
Solidity as a Programming language is a tool used to evaluate processes and difficulties attributed to Ethereum.
Now, we are going to discuss Solidity properly anyhow it works!
When comparing Compile time as opposed to run time, the syntax of Solidity helps in checking and referencing.
There is what is known as inheritance in object-based programming, whereby pre-existing objects are replaced with new ones which take up the properties of the pre-existing ones.
Based on this inheritance, we have the super class or base class and the sub class or derived class.
The class that is replaced or gives out it properties is the Super class or base class while the class that inherits from the Super class is the Sub class or derived class. Solidity can be used to program contracts for voting, Blind Auctions, Safe Remote Purchase, Micropayment channel, crowd funding etc.

Simple enough, let's continue!

Ethereum Programming is the 'new black' and Solidity is the source code for it! There is no break in functionality and the first line of scripting is similar in behavior to the new compiler version. This is known as Pragma codes and they are preprocessor directives for compilers in sourcing for codes for a single compilation program.
Ethereum Virtual Machine is used to improve and script the Ethereum language.
It helps to transact businesses in the Cryptocurency world without interference.
Ethereum nodes actually store and process data in exchange for payment, responding to real-world events and allowing a lot of new opportunities to support on-chain applications that were never before available to developers and real-world users, with the aid of Ethereum Virtual Machine.
This enables business to be conducted in a more secure and trustable way.
With Solidity Language, we can generate a code at the machine level to be used on the Ethereum Virtual Machine.
It helps breakdown high-level human-readable code to simpler instructions.

Solidity is a simple programming language with similar scripting like JAVAScript.
Ethereum Virtual Machine makes use of the coding from solidity and with that Euthereum is used conveniently. The 'Units’, ‘Storage’, ‘Oracles 'and all are all sorts involved in the Solidity and for more information about it, consult
Programming can be made easy with Solidity and it is not something hard to learn.


Etherreum Builders Guide



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