GitHub Public API in Python Summary

I gathered articles about GitHub Public API.
It consists of the following four articles.
If you are interested in GitHub Public API please read.

1.For Developers: GitHub GraphQL API

In this article, I will be scratching the surface of GitHub API using GraphQL.

2.Setup: GitHub Public API Application using Python (Part-1)

This tutorial is about making the field to work.
We are going to do some necessary tasks in order to play with GitHub API in depth.
So without further ado, let’s get started!

3.In-depth: GitHub Public API Structure and Fields (Part-2)

In this part, I am going to discuss about the structure of GitHub API’s JSON and its components.
The best companion of us in this part would be the browser.
I am going to use Chrome.

4.Coding: GitHub Public API Application using Python (Part-3)

Welcome back! In this part, we are going to code the application using Python.
If you have not read the other two parts, I would highly recommend you to go through both of them as they are prerequisite to this part.
Part-1 laid the foundation of application, and in Part-2, I have described the structure and fields of GitHub API.

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