10 easy-to-use GUI tools for Mac users


  • A familiar cool launcher for Maca developers.
  • More PowerFack that Workflow can use is £19 ~.


  • Window position memory tool (charged)
  • It remembers the position and size of each application and each window.
  • Required if using 2 screens with laptop.
  • You can buy it for about $ 18 from the official website or the App Store.


  • Window switching tool
  • Great version of Cmd + Tab
  • You can switch in windows like Windows!

4.iTerm 2

  • Change fonts and colors, to your liking.
  • You can also customize with key bindings.

5.Sequel Pro

  • GUI MySQL client
  • PhpMyAdmin feels pain when used this.


  • GUI Git tool (charged)
  • The revision graph is intuitive and easy to see.
  • Follow the graph from the specified branch.
  • Incremental search of commit log.
  • Personally, it is considerably easier to use than SourceTree.
  • The price is $ 79.


  • High-function REST client (charged)
  • By setting variables, you can switch the environment such as mock, development and production.
  • GUI is very easy to input.
  • Can import from API Blueprint
  • The price is $ 49.99


  • A sophisticated REST client.
  • Free.
  • GUI usability is lower than Paw, but you can do almost the same thing.
  • There is no function extension like Paw.

9.IntelliJ IDEA

  • IDE (Paid Subscription) by Android Studio developer.
  • IDE specialized for each language is prepared.
  • It is considerably lighter than Eclipse.
  • It is much more customizable than NetBeans.
  • Although the price is expensive, because it can be used for work with personal licenses, some engineers use it together for hobbies and work.

##10. OmniFocus

  • GTD (wonderful ToDo management) tool (charged)
  • Summarize “what to do and worrisome list”.
  • You can buy it for about $ 40 on the official website or on the App Store.


over 1 year ago

Nice! Little heads up though: the heading hashtags for 10 didn't quite render correctly - adding a space after the second hashtag should help 🙂


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