What is the PWA (Progress Web App) that you understand in 3 minutes?

What is PWA (Progressive Web App)?

  • Simply put, an application-like website

  • In function, the following becomes available

  • Add icon

  • Splash screen

  • Offline cache

  • Push Notification The function of 【Service Worker】 is used for offline cache and push notification. The Service Worker is a "worker" that works as specified on the backside of the browser.

  • In addition, it can be used with AMP AMP is one that accelerates mobile web pages

Benefits of PWA

  • There is no need to issue it from the App store

    • No need for review/release update.
  • Individual correspondence for each OS is unnecessary
  • Can be implemented with HTML, Javascript

Notes on PWA

  • Very dependent on browser
  • Whether it is compatible with Service-Worker is important
  • Safari is also being supported