5 Best Premium WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugins – [2018]

WooCommerce is an amazing hub for any eCommerce store and is exceptional in managing orders and logistics. If you want to expand your reach with Shipping services like FedEx, then are various plugins for that as well. So, by using any one of these plugins store owners can ship their products to their customers using various FedEx services.

But, choosing the right plugin for your shipping needs is more important than blindly downloading the most popular and recommended FedEx plugin. It is highly important and advisable to look out the only features that satisfy your needs.

Keeping these things in mind, we have curated a list of top five FedEx shipping plugins for WooCommerce. We have also covered most of the standout features of these plugins.

WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin with Print Label by XAdapter

This is probably one of the most outstanding FedEx shipping plugins that offer you a lot of advanced functionalities. You get amazing features like live shipping rates, configure the parcel packing methods and automatically print shipping labels in various formats. The plugin allows you to share the order tracking details with your customers via emails. This plugin will work in the countries wherever FedEx services are available. It has a feature to generate Return shipping labels which allows your customers send the package back to you in case of repairs, warranty, exchange, etc.

It also has a Debug Mode which lets you figure out the unexpected issues. XAdapter has a renowned customer support that is very helpful and prompt in providing technical support to their customers. To mention the other distinctive features, here is a list of few of them:

  • Supports FedEx LTL Freight
  • Residential deliveries
  • FedEx One Rates
  • FedEx SmartPost Hub
  • Uses Pounds/inches or Kilograms/Centimeters
  • Offer all Returned rates or cheapest
  • Enabling Insurance for orders
  • Define COD Collection Type
  • Add Third Party Payer
  • Select Customs Duties Payer
  • Set Purpose Of Shipment

You can check out the Premium version here. This plugin also has a Free or Basic version.

FedEx Shipping Method by WooCommerce

This plugin has been created by WooCommerce. The good thing about this plugin is that it can integrate well with your WooCommerce. So, you don’t have a separate section of the plugin and thus, you can directly configure the settings in the Shipping Zones. However, in order to use this plugin, you should have your base country set as the United States or Canada. This plugin offers both domestic and international shipping and primarily works according to in(inches) and lbs(pounds), but it automatically converts the units based on the destination address. This plugin, however, does not allow you to print the shipping labels. So, you would have to manually print the shipping labels on your own, which is not really an easy job. You can check out the plugin here.

The plugin offers the following list of services for domestic addresses:

  • First Overnight
  • Priority Overnight
  • Standard Overnight
  • FedEx 2 day am
  • FedEx 2 day
  • FedEx Express Saver
  • Ground Home Delivery
  • FedEx Ground
  • FedEx First Freight
  • FedEx Freight Economy
  • FedEx Freight Priority
  • Smart Post (if enabled on account)

And for international destinations:

  • International Economy
  • International First
  • International Priority
  • Europe First International Priority
  • FedEx 1 day freight
  • FedEx 2 day freight
  • FedEx 3 day freight
  • International Economy Freight
  • International Priority Freight
  • FedEx Freight
  • FedEx National Freight
  • International Ground

WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Pro by IGNITEWOO

Ignitewoo has been around for quite a while now and has come up with a very good FedEx shipping plugin for WooCommerce platform. One of the unique selling points of this plugin is that it does not need any special PHP modules. Which means you don’t need any XML or SOAP extensions installed on your hosting servers. Another unique thing that sets this plugin apart is that it offers four different license schemes – 1 site, 2 sites, 5 sites and 25 sites. So, if you are a WooCommerce store owner having two sites, then this plugin would be more economical than the others in the market. However, this plugin has a limited list of FedEx services and does not allow you to print the shipping labels. Furthermore, this plugin is not as deeply integrated to WooCommerce, when compared with its competitors.

You can check out the plugin here.

FedEx Shipping Method for WooCommerce by CodeCanyon

The FedEx Shipping Method for WooCommerce by CodeCanyon is another FedEx shipping plugin that allows basic shipping capabilities. WooCommerce store owners can use this plugin to show real-time rates to their customers, define custom shipping names, and track the shipments. With its latest update, you can configure the boxes based on your choice and need. Moreover, this plugin automatically decides which box and how many boxes to use for. This plugin supports quite a lot of FedEx shipping services which is a good thing for the store owners. Apart from these features, this plugin fails to print the shipping labels. Unfortunately, the customer support is also not up to the mark as reviewed by some customers.

You can check out the plugin here

WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin by ExtensionWorks

This is another plugin that has made it to the list thanks to some of its unique features. One of them is the ability to allow certain WooCommerce products to offer FedEx shipping rates only. Moreover, if you are using another shipping plugin from ExtensionWorks like UPS or USPS, you can ship certain products with FedEx and other products with the other Shipping service as well. Furthermore, you can also assign which shipping company will ship some particular products. Using this plugin, you can add a handling fee or discount to the total shipping cost. Moreover, for some reason your FedEx API ever goes down, you would be able to show a fallback rate to your customers. But similarly to other FedEx shipping plugins, you cannot print the shipping labels. Apart from that, the plugins seem to work pretty well. You can check out the plugin here.

Here are some of the other features of this plugin:

  • This plugin offers a number of shipping methods for both International Shipping and Domestic shipping
  • You can choose specific shipping services to display at the checkout
  • You can create Custom boxes to suit the size of your products
  • Using your custom box, you can define the number of items you would like to pack into the custom box by setting up a maximum weight
  • You can add a handling fee or add a discount to the Shipping cost
  • Set a fallback rate, if the FedEx API ever goes down, your customers will always be presented with a price
  • You can re-name the shipping service title's to suit your Website
  • The product dimensions and weight will be used to pack your items into your Custom Boxes or the pre-defined boxes, once a box has reached its full capacity (using the dimensions and weight of your product), another box will be added. A Box Packing Algorithm
  • You can set up as many custom boxes as you need to. There is no limit

Final Words

FedEx is one of the best private logistics services in the world.It doesn't matter whether your package is 3lbs or 150lbs, FedEx services will deliver your package to your customers without any hassle. The FedEx services are well known for their superior and robust delivery system. They are very reliable and offer their services to almost all the countries.

This is the reason why you should know the end-to-end features and functionalities of these plugins as to how they are deeply involved with FedEx. It is necessary because these features will eventually act as a medium between FedEx and you. By using any one of these similar plugins you can easily ship your items to your customers.

P.S - If you are looking for some other cool plugins then check out PluginHive. Two amazing plugins they offer are the WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments Plugin and Royal Mail Shipping Plugin with Tracking.


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