How to create an Iframe JavaScript

Do you want to learn about Iframe JavaScript?
If yes, then you should continue reading this out.
This is because here, we are going to explain the concept of iframe JavaScript.
This is a very interesting concept in JavaScript programming language.
The iframe JavaScript helps the developer to deal with separate files which are present in a single file.
You can work on these iframes anywhere in the main file.

Role of JavaScript:

You can use this language if you want to work on the appearance as well as on the properties of the iframe elements.
It includes the size, position as well as the src of the element.
The best thing about it is that JavaScript will let you pass the information in between the documents easily.

Contents of iframe:

Here, we are going to explain the contents of iframe.
Fundamentally, iframes are two faced element.
By that we mean it has two sides.
If we look at the one side of iframe, it is just like a tag.
On the other hand, the other side is made up of a window in window.
The side which is embedded contains a separate window and document object.
If you want to access them, all you need to do is to use their properties properly.
Following are the properties of iframe:

  • iframe.contentWindow. This is a position to the window which is inside the .
  • iframe.contentDocument. This is a position to the document which is inside the . It shows that we can easily access the embedded window.
    Once the user clicks, the browser will refer the iframe immediately.
    If both of these have the same origin, access if provided easily.
    On the other hand, if the origin is not similar, the access if denied simply.

Use of JavaScript for iframe:

The developers are allowed to use different ways in order to enter an iframe into new document.
You can do this with the use of JavaScript programming language.
If we refer to the first way, we have to use document.getElementById to place the element of iframe.
Then, we have to enter new URL into its source.

var el = document.getElementById('ifrm');
el.src = url; // assign url to src property

In the second method, you have to use the frames arrays in order to get the references of iframe window.

window.frames['ifrm'].location = url;

Iframe JavaScripts are very important if you wish to communicate between documents.



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