Javascript Summary for beginners

I summarized my Javascript article.


1.Setup JavaScript for Web Development

For almost every programming language, there are many related software programs available.

2.Complementary nature of JavaScript and HTML

In Web development, JavaScript and HTML along with CSS are the main cogs of the machine. In this article, I shall talk specifically about how JavaScript and HTML complements each other and have a Yin and Yang relationship with each other. Let us have a look how JavaScript is used in the HTML document.

3.Skeleton of JavaScript

Let us formally start learning JavaScript in completely different, less boring way.
Every language that we speak and write has some structure.

4.Tips for Novice: How to Speed-up JavaScript Code?

In this article, I shall talk about the good and bad practices that can make and break your code, in terms of performance. Therefore, if you are new to JavaScript programming, and following tutorials from here and there, you should consider the below-mentioned practices while writing your own JavaScript snippets. Let us talk about those practices that can enhance the performance of your JavaScript code one by one!

5.Glance: Arrays in JavaScript

Have you ever wondered how you can group the similar things together in the programming world? If not, this article will show you how exactly you can group things together.
For this purpose, in Computer Science, we use the word Array.

6.Error-Checking: Strict Mode in JavaScript

In this article, I shall talk about the strict mode of JavaScript.
Strict mode is the method to introduce better error-checking into the JavaScript code, as JavaScript is a loosely-typed scripting language.

7.Confusing JavaScript: slice or splice?

In this article, I shall talk about two pretty useful functions in JavaScript named slice and splice, but the confusion rests amongst the programmers regarding both of these functions that when to use them and why to use them.

8.Confusing JavaScript: substring and substr

In this article, I shall talk about two pretty useful functions related to String library in JavaScript named substring and substr, but both of these functions, due to the manifestation of their name, cause confusion amongst the programmers.
Therefore, I have decided to share my two bits about these functions as well to make things clear.

9.Core of ES6: Sets in JavaScript

With the advent of ES6 came the new features in the world of JavaScript.
One of those new features was Set.

10.ES6: var vs. let vs. const - Every JavaScript Programmer Should Know

There are few concepts in JavaScript that make programmers, especially newbies, scratch their head to the point that they start considering JavaScript really complex, which it is not.

11.Tackling Run Time Errors in JavaScript

There is an old-saw:

With every solution comes the new problem.

It can be applied on various aspects of life, but right now, I am more concerned about the life of programmers. They(programmers) are always curious to solve problems, but while solving them, they encounter various hurdles.

12.Deep Learning using ConvNetJS with JavaScript

Deep learning is kind of a booming area in Computer Science these days. From Google to Facebook, from Siri to Cortana, from Apple's revolutionary products of 2017 to Tesla motors, all of them have two things in common.

13.Must Try: JavaScript Graphics Libraries

Graphics is the essential part of softwares in general and web development in particular. From games to visual representations of data, from icons to visual 3D text, everything is almost dependent upon graphics when we talk about the client-side.

14.AngularJS: The Spine of Front-End Web Development

In this article, I will discuss the special library and framework for the Front-End web development, which is AngularJS. AngularJS is a JavaScript framework used for the front-end web development.

15.2018 Trends: Popular JavaScript Frameworks on GitHub

Popularity of JavaScript is rising day by day. More and more developers are creating frameworks that would not only help the JavaScript programmers in saving time, but they also help the developers to create cost effective, efficient and safe applications.

16.2018 Trends: Best Template Engines for JavaScript

Before taking a look at the best template engines for JavaScript, first let us talk about what a template engine is.

17.Automatic Type Conversion in JavaScript

In this article, I shall talk about the automatic type conversion of JavaScript interpreter. If you are new to JavaScript programming, you might have overlooked some of the conversions that can break your code very easily.

18.Node.js: Run JavaScript Code Without a Browser

In this article, I shall talk about how JavaScript code can be executed without a browser. After all, nowadays, there are many stand-alone applications that do not need browsers at all and are written in JavaScript programming language.

19.Confusing JavaScript: Double Equals or Triple Equals?

Double equals == and triple equals === are two Relational Operators in JavaScript. A relational operator is the one which shows or evaluates the relationship between two entities.



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