Storing you code snippets using Snippet Store

SnippetStore is an application for developers to store their snippets and quickly retrieve them when needed. SnippetStore mainly focus on storing code therefore its interface is small and simple, perfect for busy developers who doesn't care about small details.

How to use Snippet Store

The first step to use Snippet Store is to check out Snippet Store website for an overview of all the features. After that, you can download Snippet Store in the download section.


You can open settings with the keyboard shortcut: ctlr + , or click the setting icon in the left menu bar.

Screenshot from 2018-07-14 11-44-11.png

In the setting modal, the interface tab is where you configure Snippet Store's looks. The editor tab is where you pick your own theme for the editor and other stuff including indentation. Or you can checkout hotkeys tab to configure keyboard shortcut or the about tab to see Snippet Store info.

Create a new snippet

Creating a new snippet is easy, you can just hit ctrl + n to open the create snippet modal and pick your snippet type. There are 2 types of snippet:

  • The single file snippet
  • The multi files snippet

Here is how the create snippet modal for a single file snippet should look like: Screenshot from 2018-07-14 11-49-49.png

Everytime you change the language, the editor syntax highlighting will change accordingly to the language you picked.

Find you snippet

You can find your snippet by typing the name of the snippet in the search bar or type lang:language to find a snippet base on a specific language, for example: lang:javascript. You can also search a snippet by its tag by typing the tag directly to the search bar.

Peek 2018-07-14 11-54.gif

Copy your snippet

You can click the copy icon in the top left of the snippet to copy its content. Peek 2018-07-14 11-59.gif If you are using multi files snippet, the copy icon will copy the current selected file.

Or if you're using list and detail layout, you can pick the specific file that you want to copy. Screenshot from 2018-07-14 12-02-38.png

That's it !

Snippet Store is still a new app and need improvements. If you have any amazing idea that you want SnippetStore to have or any bugs that need to be fixed, please drop a request here:



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