Which is the best dedicated server for web hosting?

Dedicated Server Hosting has gained its significance in past years. More and more number businesses/organisations are opting for dedicated server hosting packages. It is a known fact that a dedicated server hosting gives much better power and security when compared to a VPS Hosting or shared hosting service.

Mostly a Dedicated server is compensated for web application, which needs a lot of activities and power to manage. A dedicated server can also be called as the PC, mainly framed to fit the server.

A dedicated server is mostly needed for a website, which is experiencing a huge amount of incoming traffic. In this type of hosting service where the customers rent a whole server which is not shared by any other website.

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There are many features that a Dedicated Server should have, few of the features that we provide and make us the best dedicated server hosting provider are as follows:

Affordable Dedicated Hosting Solution: Though a dedicated server hosting is the most expensive form of web hosting service. But for a longer run it can mentioned as the most cost-effective form of web hosting service. There is a better uptime when you choose a dedicated server hosting and hence increasing the revenue and income for your business.

Better Management: When it comes to support we provide the best support than any other web host. A dedicated server hosting requires a lot of server management like software updation, server setup, backup, monitoring of the server and firewall configuration. A dedicated server hosting requires a lot of major tasks that is performed by our experts.

Best Security Features: Almost all the business nowadays perform online transactions, or might be having a confidential data. And for this most of the website owners are always in search of the most secured web hosting provider. If you are in search for the best security features a dedicated hosting solution is the best option. In dedicated services you will be provided with frequent backups and restoration of the servers. You will also be provided with a disaster recovery when it comes to failing of hardware.

24*7 Round the Clock Server Monitoring: When it comes to a dedicated server hosting service the servers are monitored round the clock for 365 days in a year. A dedicated server hosting ensures that you are provided with high availability with better performance. All the technical aspects of a Dedicated Server Hosting are dealt with immediately.

Better Performance: In a dedicated hosting service the hardware that is provided is not shared by any other company or website. You will be the sole owner of the server, resulting in the best performance which cannot be achieved by any other forms of web hosting service.

Best Features and Resources: A dedicated server provides the best features which supports all types of programming languages. Bandwidth and disk space is not a concern in a dedicated server hosting as you will be provided with it in plenty when you choose a dedicated server hosting.

More Reliability: Most of the clients which are switching to a dedicated hosting from us from other providers is mainly due to frequent downtimes with very less technical support. When you choose our hosting service you will be provided with full technical support round the clock. Cost Effective: When you choose our dedicated server hosting you will get rid of the administrator cost as we will be performing all the server related management for you.

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I am also using Hosting Raja Dedicated server and I must say awesome response time 30ms.


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