Do You Know About .cat TLD?

What is .cat Domain?

.cat is a sponsored top-level domain planned to be utilized to feature the Catalan language and culture. Its strategy has been created by ICANN and Fundació puntCAT( It was endorsed in September 2005. The .cat domain name registration presently the 9th most valued gTLD (generic top-level domain) utilized on the Internet. The .cat expansion has more than 61,402 enlistments. This implies individuals like and trusts this domain name.

In September 2005 the .cat TLD was approved, designed to meet the desires and needs of the Catalan semantic and social group on the Internet. This community group is comprised of the individuals who utilize Catalan for their online interchanges, as well as advance the distinctive parts of Catalan culture on the web and lean toward it to some other domain.

The .cat domain isn't regional, yet applies to the entire Catalan-talking group, regardless of whether a site is situated in Catalonia. So as to be allowed a .cat domain, one needs to have a place with the Catalan phonetic and social group on the Internet. The registry of .cat is Associació puntCAT.


.cat is the main top-level domain of the world that represents to a language and a culture on the Internet. It is a creative, sheltered and great domain, like .com or .org, however particularly for the Catalan-talking group.

Everybody can have a .cat domain, either to distinguish themselves as a Catalan speaker or to address Catalan speakers, it is fundamental for the site to have critical substance in Catalan. What's more, .cat websites are better situated in search engines, which makes it simpler for organizations to achieve their market.

Consistently more people, entities, and organizations are .cat, a transversal group that does not quit developing. In Catalan, on the Internet, .feline. cat there any entireties? So today if you want to go with .cat domain extensio for your business or for your website then you can go with HostingRaja. Because they provide .cat domain extension and they also provide best in class web hosting and server hosting solution too!! And when you choose their VPS server hosting ( solution you will be provided with best in class features and offers.

The qualities of .cat make it one of the best Internet domains in the world.

Marketing Tool

.cat fragment the market and enables organizations to straightforwardly address Catalan-talking clients in their dialect.

Better positioning

Search engines better position the networks with the .cat domain; When the search is done in Catalan, .cat Domain Registration is among the main outcomes.

Constant growth

.cat is an extending domain. It has a normal yearly development of 21% and a normal restoration of 85%, over the world market for domains.

Transversal community

.cat is a domain open to everybody. An ever-increasing number of organizations, substances, and people, from all segments of action and belief system, from here and from abroad, pick .cat to be on the Internet.


The advantages of the offer of .cat domains are reinvested in the Catalan-speaking Information Society( This is the foundational reason for the puntCAT Foundation, the element Registry of the .cat.

At your service

As per their job of the administration to the Catalan-talking group, they are one of only a handful Registers of domains of the Internet on the world that has an administration of consideration regarding the client.



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