Write a good job post

A good job post attracts great candidate rather than listing out the requirements and qualification.

Job Title

The job title is the first thing that the candidate look for. Make your job titles specific and clear. Targeted job titles are more effective than generic ones and avoid long title. Stick to the standard like if you want to hire fresh candidate mention "Junior" in the job post title and if you are hiring experience candidate, mention "Senior" in the job post title.

Make it dynamic

Your job description should follow some pattern. For example, you should introduce them about the company detail, your role in the company, responsibilities, and qualifications. It is up to you how to define the pattern for the job description.

Write in the Second person

It is not a good idea to write the job post from the corporation's point of view and does not address benefits about "you". In the job description, you should highlight the role of the candidate rather than the influence of the company.

Don't write a job post in such a way that you are advertising the product of the Company. Don't include corporate jargon that it's difficult for job seekers to tell if they are qualified. Make sure the job requirements are easy to understand by someone who does not already work for your company.

Qualifications and Skills

The job description should mention the specific education, previous experience, certificate, technical and soft skill related to the job. Ask them to submit the link of their past work. Keep your list concise. If you list out requirement on the job description that is too ideal, chances are a candidate are not be more likely to attract towards jobs.

Be Specific and clear

Mention clearly in your job post what is your requirements for the job. If half of the people reading the job post feels that they are qualifies for the job post, chances are your inbox will be full of request for the job position. To avoid this issue, State your requirnment clearly that what you want from the candidate.

Write specific posting requirements and understanding your needs, you will reduce the number of applications from unqualified candidates and also save more time than you spend.

Include Your Location

Behind only salary and benefits, the most important factor in the mind of job seekers is the location of a job. your job post should clearly mension where the person will work whether in-house or commute rather than candidate try to find itself that where the location for the jobs is.

Every jobs sites is different as they target different categories of the job listing. Write a job post on the the site that relate to the category of your job field.



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