The Ultimate Shipping Guide for e-Commerce stores

For selling online, one of the most important ways to invest your time and effort is to make sure that your shipping plans are well laid out. StorePep revolutionizes the shipping experience for a store owner by providing end-to-end support and takes your mind off hassles that help you tackle the challenge.

With our unified interface, you get the ability to: 1. Help your customers review and choose the carrier shipment service at checkout. Your customers can choose the shipping method most relevant to them. The shipping cost is automatically added to the checkout price. 2. Generate and print shipping labels, manifests, and return labels. Avoid the hassle of manually entering package details every time. Effortlessly manage and print all labels from a single unified interface. 3. Request and schedule carrier pickups as per your convenience. Schedule pickups with the click of a button. StorePep has integrated with multiple carrier services like FedEx, DHL, USPS, and UPS. Get immediate control over your shipments. 4. Track your orders until they reach your customers. Follow up on your shipments and make sure your customers are happy. All order information is updated and can be accessed through your StorePep portal.

Learn more about setting up your StorePep account here.

Step By Step Instructions To Configuring StorePep: Before you can experience the magic of StorePep, you have to first sign up for an account. Signing up for that account is easy. Visit and click on ‘Sign Up’.

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