How to make an Atom plugin using Javascript

Atom is a text editor primarily aimed for coders which has a project manager, grammar and spell checker, a plugin extension, good markdown support and the ability to export these markdowns into different formats which includes PDF and HTML.
Atom is an open source text editor which can be easily customized with graphical user interface to enhance coding.
Atom is a light editor; unlike other text editors, it uses mini plugins that can be installed to add new features to your workspace.
Atom is coded in Js, this implies that anyone who codes in the set programming language will easily maneuver it and can create a package to meet their requirements.

Adding Plugins

  • To open up settings, press 'command' + ',' keys. A graphic user interface will appear. A list of options appears on its side along with already installed packages.
  • To add a new package, click on packages on the left. Now, you can search for a package of choice or choose any of the packages featured by Atom.

Using a package

After installing a package, click the 'Settings' button which can be found below its name to access the features of the package. You can also access the features of the package by clicking on 'package' on the left-hand column.
Some keystrokes will have to be pressed to activate a package's feature.


Remembering the function of each keystroke can be sometimes challenging. Not anymore!
A very important keystroke which pops up a scrolling list on all the features of your package configurations is the 'command' + 'shift' + 'p'. This can be so vital in recalling shortcuts and getting directions in using Atom.
Also, pressing 'command' + '.' together pops up a window at the bottom of your screen.
Once up, you can hit any keystroke and the window will tell you what the keystroke does.
Pressing 'command' + '.' takes the window off.

Getting coding Tips


  • The hints on using Atom are hidden by default.
    To access hints on using Atom, press 'command' + 'option' + 'i'.
    This pops the developer console open and gives you access to the developers tools.
  • These tips/hints can be also found behind the window of the editor and can be only accessed by closing all previously opened windows. Subtle hints starts appearing at this point.
  • Another means of getting hints is using packages known as 'linters' which has been described as code spell-checkers which flags down errors in your code while writing.



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