What is JavaScript link?


JavaScript is a very vast programming language which is used to develop versatile web pages. Here, we are going to introduce a very important concept of JavaScript i.e.
JavaScript link. A JavaScript link can be used in a lot of places in your web pages.
This is a method which is used to display a string in the form of a hyperlink.

Here, we are going to explain this method in detail:

JavaScript link:

First of all, i would like to add that a JavaScript link is not a standard method.
In addition to that, it is not important that it will work in all browsers which are common these days.
This method is used to return a string which is embedded in the tag .
Here, we are sharing an example which will give you an idea about this method:

<a href="url">string</a>
<h2>Syntax of JavaScript link: </h2>
In order add this method in your code, then you have to follow the following syntax:


If you want to implement this method then you have to learn its parameters.
The first parameter is the url. If you add any string that will specify the href attribute of the tag a, then you have to use a valid URL.
This URL could be relative or else absolute. Moreover, it should be used with any & characters escaped as &, and any " characters escaped as ".
Another parameter is a return value. It could be a string which contains an HTML element. It could be .


If you want to make a HTML snippet for a hypertext link then you have to use the link () method.
If you want to add it in your document, then you can add it through document.write() or else through element.innerHTML.


Now, if you are interested in learning its parameters, then you must continue reading this out.
One parameter of this methodology is url.
The url is required parameter. Here, you have to add it to the URL to link to.
It is a very simple method to implement in your pages to make your tasks easier.

Technical details

If we look at its return value, it is simply a string which is embedded in the tag.
In addition to that, JavaScript version is used as ECMAScript 1.
You can add it through external file.
It can also be added through internal web page as well.



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