How to use JS Parse URL in your code?

The JS Parse URL function has been introduced in the previous year.
One of the best and expert developer John introduced the JS Parse URL function via GitHub.
This technique does not only worked great but also helped the developers in using the code in an easy and great way.
Using the JS Parse URL function will make the “search” property as the query string.
JS Parse URL function may not be useful if you want to get access some variables.

The main function of the JS Parse URL is to match the pattern of strings and URLs and then turn the strings into the data and the data into the strings. According to the developers, the JS Parse URL is much easier and efficient than the Regex function.

JS Parse URL Pattern

The JS Parse URL pattern is

var pattern = new UrlPattern('/api/items(/:id)');

In case, if you want the pattern to match the string or extract the values then the pattern may be like:

  • pattern.match ('/api/projects/11'); 
  • pattern.match ('/api/items');
  • pattern.match ('/api/products/8');

Essential features of JS Parse URL function

Following are some important features of JS Parse URL function because of which we use it in out code:

  • The JS Parse URL function is tested in all the types Js and the developer can also use it for all the browsers.
  • One small file with 500 lines of readable, simple and maintainable code helps you to create the best code and make it functional as well.
  • The JS Parse URL function has been used widely by the developers in creating the new webpages.
  • Using the JS Parse URL function will cover a huge code and extract the strings or the values you want.
  • JS Parse URL function requires the URL pattern properly. It helps the coder to set all the global variables when the AMD and the Common Js are not working properly.
  • It helps the developers to match the variables, strings or the values in a fast and efficient way.
  • The JS Parse URL function is not depended on any other function so you can use it right away whenever you need it.
  • The developer can customize the code whenever he requires for an example, the value of the variable can be replaced or changed as required.

Thus the main point is to shorten the written code and cleaning it to make it readable and manageable and JS Parse URL function is one of the functions that may support your code to perform well.



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