Notes for Javascript beginners

Why JavaScript?


If you are a new programmer and want to learn web development in order to be an expert web developer, you will have to learn the following three programming languages first:

  • Hypertext markup language(HTML)
  • Cascading Style Sheets(CSS)
  • JavaScript(JS)

With the combination of aforementioned programming languages, the world of internet has drastically changed. Now we have gazillion different pretty looking and elegant websites, which are built upon the foundation of these three languages along with other fancy tools and tricks.

If I have to relate these three languages with the reality, it would be like: “JavaScript consists of the muscles of the body and part of the brain; HTML comprises parts of the body, and CSS represents the clothes on the body.” Without muscles and brain’s commands, a person cannot do any action.

Therefore, JavaScript is kind of related to the behavior of the person. The importance of the other two languages you can imagine as well. As I have planned to discuss JavaScript in this article, I would like to leave other two languages, HTML and CSS, for now.

Features of JavaScript:

There are various features of JavaScript, but the most fundamental ones are the following: 1) It is lightweight and easy-to-understand programming language. 2) It is designed for designing and producing network-centric application. 3) It is complementary to and integrated with HTML. 4) It is used to develop cross-platform applications.

Applications of JavaScript:

There are many applications where JavaScript is used-be it Game Development (like in Unity3D), Mobile Application development (like in NativeScript), Web Development etc.

JavaScript in Web Development:

When we talk about websites, there are two sides you need to remember:


Client side is the side which users see. For instance, if we open, the page that we look on the browser can be termed as Client side.


For now, just imagine that the server-side is the side which the user cannot see at all.

JavaScript is commonly used in Client-side. The script has to be either added in the HTML file or referenced by the HTML file so that the browser can interpret it.

Advantages of JavaScript:

Following are the four main advantages of using JavaScript, especially in the web-developments: 1) Rich interface • Drop down menu, slider s and many other fancy features related to interface can be made and used by using JavaScript. 2) More interactivity • Mouse, touch and keyboard events make the web-pages more interactive, and all can be achieved by using JavaScript. 3) Less server load • As it is commonly used on Client-side, you can validate the user input before sending the page off to the server, which would make fewer loads on the server. 4) Instant response to visitors • Users do not have to wait for the page response for the events that are meant to be decided on the client side.

Why you should learn JavaScript?

1) It’s free! There is no cost at all! 2) It’s interactive! You can build almost everything that comes in your mind using your imagination and, of course, JavaScript. 3) It’s powerful! PayPal, LinkedIn etc. are all build up Node.js(a variant of JavaScript)! 4) Its support is available almost everywhere! GitHub, Stackoverflow etc. 5) It can turn out to be your lucrative career! The average salary of JavaScript programmers ranges from $74,000 to $130,000.



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