[June 2018] Latest technology of JavaScript


When we talk about Web Development, then frameworks of Javascript are one of the most used technologies for the programmers.
Some of latest technologies are listed below.

1) AngularJS

Angularjs new version release has made the popularity of framework to a new level in today’s time.
With a rapid development pace and simple integration, AngularJS will be surely your selection for next project.
AngularJS is javascript open source front end web application which is also maintained by Google and its community.

AngularJS is from Mean stack family and it is used in frontend, It is used with MongoDB database, Express.js web application server framework and Node.js server runtime environment

2) Reactjs

One of the different JavaScript Frameworks in now a days is ReactJS and it is handled by a famous company known as Facebook.
ReactJS is a software engineer’s selection to develop dynamic & huge traffic web based applications.
But if we analyse with AngularJS, then ReactJS is before angularjs in testing integrity and component architecture.

3) Meteor.js

JavaScript is adopted as the comprehensive scripting language in browsers on the client-side.
Consuming it on the back-end development as well to save precious time and develop competence is one of the main ideas trailing Meteor.js.

Additionally, Meteor is excellent for those developers who need to develop real time web apps

4) Nodejs

The major theme of Node.js is to use non-blocking, event-driven I/O to continue incompetent and adequate in the face of information-intensive real-time softwares that spurt beyond appropriated devices. 
In other words Node.JS is used for particular conclusions to round out specific needs.

It comforts to develop extensible and rapid network applications, because it is able of managing a huge number of concurrent connections with large throughput that brings out high scalability. 

5) EmberJs

There are some more cool frameworks such as Ember.js which permits you to build web applications conveniently with a faster pace. Ember.js is the choice of several developers due to many reasons.
One is Ember.js’s router permits you to block breaking the web.
With Ember, you can obtain URLs and a built in working back button with almost every route.

6) Mithril.JS

Mithril.js has minor comparable features like React.js.
Mithril provides you hierarchical MVC items and safe-by-default arrangement with an astute DOM contrast checking for high-performance rendition just like React.
Furthermore, it has two main features like Customizable data binding, and URL routing.

7) Polymar.JS

Polymar is very famous JavaScript framework made by Google.
There is no ambiguity that the comfort for software engineers in Polymar is not greater than React.js but still, we can do many advancement made newly.  The actual design components that begin Polymer have a very high quality.

8) Vue.js

If you use vue.js, you will come to know that it is one of the top javascript framework. There are several logics for that.
We saw, in some conditions Vue.js is rehabilitation Angular.
It is a featherweight library with data binding and virtual DOM which does not complicate you with other things.



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