How to convert JavaScript into int

img If you are a beginner in JavaScript programming language then you must try to learn more and more concepts of this programming language.
This is because of the reason that the more you learn, the more command you will get in your professional career.

Here, we are going to help you out.
We are going to discuss how to convert JavaScript string into integer.
It will help you a lot in making your web pages. Read this out if you want to learn more about it.

Definition and usage

First of all, we are going to shed some light on the definition and usage of this concept.
If you want to get an integer from a string, then you need to use the parseInt ( ) concept of JavaScript programming language.

On the other hand, the radix parameter is also used in it.
The main function of radix is to identify the numeral which should be used in your code.
You have to keep a few things in your mind while working on this function.

You must remember that the only thing which is returned as a result of this string is your first number.
All the leading and trailing spaces are allowed in this function of JavaScript.

If your code is unable to convert a character into a numerical figure, then the value returned by parseInt ( ) would be NaN.
The older browsers and newer browsers have different methods to deal with this type of function.

Syntax of JavaScript int

If you want to add JavaScript int into your code, then you need to learn its syntax.
There are two types of parameters used in its syntax. You have to follow the following syntax:

parseInt(string, radix);

Values of parameters

Now, we are going to share the value of these parameters.
If you are using string, then this parameter is required. The string is supposed to be parsed.
On the other hand, radix is optional.

This is because of the reason that it is used to represent a numeral system that represents the value which comes in between 2 to 36.
Here, we would like to add that there are many other ways to convert string to the integers.

But, you can choose the one which is appropriate for your code.
These are very simple and easy methods which will give you desired results on your respective web pages.



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