Everything you need to know about date validation in javascript

JavaScript is a programming language which is used in order to develop web pages.
It is a very popular programming language because it is supported by most of the web browsers these days.
You can use it on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge as well as on internet explorer.

It also supports mobile browsers which are used in smart phones these days.
As a matter of fact, we use JavaScript in order to provide a good experience to our users.

You can provide the best user interface to your users as well.
There are many concepts present in this language. Here, we are going to shed some light on one of its most important concepts.
Here, we are going to explain everything which you need to know about the date validation in this programming language.

Why do we need it?

First of all, we would like to explain our readers that why do we need to use the date validation format of this programming language.
If you are dealing with the people in data entry, then it is very important to know or to handle what they are doing.

In addition to do that, you have to help these people in their data entry procedure.
On the other hand, if you do not use this format, then you will get such values which hold no importance in your code.

What is date validation?

Now, we are going to shed some light on the concept.
A date validation is a process which is used in order to validate the information entered by the user.
You have to do this date validation before you enter any data in order to process it.

Here, we would like to add that there are many types of data validation concepts; date validation is one of these validations.
The validate code will complete its job by breaking up your string.
After that, it will pass your values to the function which is supposed to check your date.

This function will know everything about the leap years as well as other features of the Gregorian calendar.
You can also adjust the code according to the different date formats.

For instance, you can follow the American format or else the European date formats.
If you want to make these changes, you have to do very minor changes in your overall code.
It is supported by most of the browsers these days.



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