CSS Lesson: Google Fonts are helpful but, how to use them?

The system fonts like Arial, Georgia those are not really reliable in the first place. These fonts are pretty limited and some machines won’t have them

So luckily its pretty easy to include own fonts and that’s can be a font that we own, that we have purchased. So Google has an option out there its called Google fonts and it’s a really great resource. Basically, Google has a bunch of fonts that’s are available for free and that’s are really easy to include in our own application. So I am going to show you how to do that now.

  • Where can you found Google Font?

So if you go to https://fonts.google.com/, you will see a list of Google fonts and we can sort fonts by popularity, by alphabetical, by the number of styles or by trending and you can add in your collection for future use. Google has 100 of fonts for free.

  • How to Use Google Font? You can select the font and add it to your collection then you can see the customization and full font style there. You can see that how the font will look like if you change their font size.

Also, you can get the full font detail that you designed this font and which font-family it belongs to and things.



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