Why Should Every Parent Design A Cell Phone Contract for Their Teen?

Teenagers currently make up the majority of the world’s cell phone users. Most teens have their first cell phone by the age of 15 and in many cases 13. Analyzing the current scenario, most of the parents are in a dilemma whether they should gift their kids a smartphone or should avoid it. Undoubtedly, there are a plethora of benefits that the smartphones provide but the parent must concentrate on the controlled usage.

It is high time the teens must understand they deserve this gift, but with the acceptance, there come some rules and regulation. It gets quite difficult for the parents to control the usage once they hand over the smartphones to their kid and therefore the cell phone contracts are being introduced.

What is teen cell phone contract?

Since cell phone addiction is a rising concern for many parents who need to be addressed, a teen cell phone contract is being introduced. It is a general contract which consists of some rules and regulations which needs to be followed by the teen if they accept the ownership. To make all rules and provisions clear, many families have turned to the idea of a technology contract. A cell phone is a great responsibility and should be treated as a powerful tool.

The contract often provides a reasonable expectation for both the child and parents. It helps put limits for both the parties as the younger party will feel more responsible and in control. This contract contains detailed information about the freedom, responsibilities, and limitations imposed. It allows the parents to monitor the child’s phone as well as their online activity but with reasonable limitations and respect for their privacy.

The brain of the thirteen to nineteen-year-old teenagers are still on the developing stage, and it molds the way parents try to. The teenager needs to understand that having a phone is a responsibility which needs to be taken seriously. Here are the key points a parent may include in the cell phone contract designed for their teenager:

a. Usage Limitation

This includes both the limitation on the use of cell phone and data usage. Undoubtedly, the world of the internet gives access to an abundance of knowledge but only if used wisely. Many a time parents notice that after gifting their kid's cell phone suddenly their data run out halfway through the months. A cell phone could be an addiction, and there is vulnerable information available online which must not be accessed by the teen, and in order to control it, the parents need to put some usage limitation for weekdays and weekends. Moreover, it is a good idea to have a no cell phone policy while doing homework and at bedtime.

b. Downloading

The parents must mention the downloading restriction in the contract as well to ensure that the child is not exposed to some of the explicit or addictive contents available online. There are some terrible apps for kids out there, and therefore, they must be allowed to download the new application on their cell phone with permission from parent whether it is for gaming application or some learning app they wish to download.

Considering the habit and interest area of the kid, parents can accordingly design the best cell phone contract to help their teen become a responsible digital citizen.



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