What Are Major Asthma Risk Factors in Human Beings

Are you an asthma patient?

Well if you are, you would have surfed the internet to find the best and most effective remedy to this disease.

According to data 1 in every 12 adults are currently suffering from asthma and are undergoing treatment.

Consulting a doctor will end up with the medical prescription that will help you omit the problem from its root You have an online pharmacy as well as local medical stores to buy the prescription as given by the doctor.

But the important question is; what are the major asthma risk factors that are present in human beings? Today we will find out some of the major risk factors.

Hereditary Problem:

If your parents are suffering from asthma due to a hereditary problem, you have a high probability of getting affected with this disease. It has been seen that these diseases transfer from generation to generation. Even if you are not having asthma in your early days, you may have the possibility to get affected by this disease at a later age.


Those people who are already suffering from different sorts of respiratory allergies, there are chances to have asthma problem. There are patients having eczema or hay fever in the early days that resulted in an asthma problem. And as you know that the cases of allergic patients are increasing with each passing day, the asthma patients are simultaneously increasing.

Regular Smoking:

Those who are either addicted to smoking or an indirect smoker also have a high possibility of getting affected with asthma diseases. Regular smoking causes blockage in the respiratory organs of your body that result in breathing problem, giving birth to asthma. It's important to note that indirect smokers are also considered in this list, as they are also getting smoke indirectly in their body.

Respiratory Infection:

This is one of the situations that can affect your body at any stage of your life. Generally, this factor affects the children due to negligence towards various harmful activities. Due to negligence during childhood, along with respiratory infection, many other diseases/problems affect their body that start harming them during the adult tenure.


There is a direct connection between asthma and obesity. Both these diseases may end your life. The increase in weight causes inflammation in your respiratory vessels that develops a problem to take an adequate breadth, causing asthma problem. There are some medicines used to cure obesity, even increases the chances of asthma.

There are many other reasons like Air Pollution, which is increasing day by day, which also increases the chances of asthma problem in the human being.

So, these are the factors that can cause asthma among people. But it is always recommended to attend a doctor and get a quick consultation to get rid of this problem. If you are capable to diagnose it in the initial stage, it will be easy to omit the diseases, as it gets severe with the passage of time. Along with that, it’s also important to stay educated to keep your environment clean and stay healthy.



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