How to Bathe Your Dog At Home

Bathing is a joyous moment when you pour water on your body and the sprinkles of water recharge your body. From the health perspective also, bathing is important to clean your body and stay healthy. One major cause of some of the diseases in pets is an unhygienic lifestyle. And in this list, bathing plays an important role.

All the pet owners better know the importance of bathing your dog. But not many of you know the real method and the essential point to consider while bathing your dog. Now before moving to the tips, you should know how often you should bathe your dog.

Bathing is important to clean your dog and keep them hygienic. But this is not the only reason for bathing. Instead, it helps you omit the fleas and diagnose any scratches, wounds, etc on the body. There is not a specific time gap that you should follow to bathe your dog. But you can bathe your dog once within a week. In cases, it can even move up to once every three months.

Now, below are the tips that you should follow while bathing your dog.

Use Brush:

During the bathing process, you should use a brush to sort the hairs and remove tangles. The tangles if neglected can build clumps on the dog’s body where fleas and ticks can easily grow their larva and it becomes tough to diagnose. While buying, make sure the brush is soft and smooth to rub on the dog.

Use Right Shampoo:

Bathing is not just pouring water or spraying on to your dog. Instead, it’s the proper use of shampoo that can kill the ticks and fleas living on the body. You should hence search for the best shampoo which can rebuild the shine of dog’s hairs without affecting the body moisture. You should be aware of fake shampoo which causes dryness that may result in skin irritation in the dogs.

Use Lukewarm Water:

Temperature of water is also important to consider while bathing your dog. Cold water may cause fever to the dog whereas hot water will burn the skin. The lukewarm water is beneficial to clean the body along with soothing experience to the skin. In short, you should treat the dog as a child who can express the problem only through expressions and behaviour.

Clean Every Body Part:

When you are pouring water, make sure you clean every single body part of your dog. Make sure the soap is applied to top as well as the bottom part of the dog’s body. People generally skip the lower body part as we as the sensitive parts, which is a big mistake while bathing your pet.

Negligence towards bathing will always cause harm to the body and develop many health problems which remain undiagnosed in its initial stage. Even if you diagnose any such health problem, you should immediately rush to the veterinary doctor and get a medical prescription. World Pet Express will help you buy entire prescription for your dog.

So, these are the points that you should strictly consider while bathing your dog. What more do you think must be added to the list?



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