Dog Swimming Safety Tips That You Should Always Follow

As a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to know each and everything about your dog such as things that gives happiness to him. According to a study, not all dogs like swimming but few ones love the water a lot, especially in summer. Swimming is a great exercise for your dog as well as a better way to keep them cool in hot days.

However, proper Pet Care is required during swimming as we all know that ‘prevention is much better than cure. Only a responsible pet owner keeps safety tips in mind and always start your dog’s swimming in a kiddie pool.

Let’s discuss some safety tips for dog swimming that you should always follow.

All dogs cannot Swim:

The foremost safety tip is to know whether your dog loves swimming or not? Some dogs like water but others don’t love it. Mostly, your dog’s ability to swim depends on its body shape such as its legs, chest, face, etc. So, keep your pet’s body shape in your mind and teach swimming to him. You can also use a life jacket for the safety of your lovable pet.

Introduce Your Dog to the water and teach it slowly:

If you are introducing your dog to the water for the first time then teach it slowly because some dogs feel scary. The best way is to start its swimming in a kiddie pool and make sure that your dogs feel happy with water.

Your dog’s head should be above the water and encourage him so that he can feel comfortable with water. Never force them for swimming if he is not ready.

Use Water Safety Products:

For beginners, more safety is required. You can use safety products for your pet that keeps them safe if they are nervous in the water. You can choose a life vest for your dog that is easily available and shoots your budget. These live jackets give them the ability to stay above water and provide extra support to your dog during swimming. Always buy the right size life jacket for better safety.

After Swimming, Properly clean your dog:

After a long fun in the water, wash your dog properly that protect it from a certain type of bacteria and algae. Sometimes, bacteria and fungus collected on dog’s fur and if you don’t clean off within time it may be ingested in its body. The ingestion of bacteria is harmful to your pet’s health. Bathing protects your pet from an ear infection that has been the common issues among dog.

Consult Your Vet About Preventives:

When your dog spends more time in the water it may susceptible to certain diseases and illness. You can protect your pet from all these illness by giving them preventives as recommended by your vet as per the requirement of your dog. The best way is to monitor your dog’s activities and talk to your vet to find out the best preventives for him.

These are some common swimming safety tips that every pet owner should know and follow it for the security as well as the safety of your dog.



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