7 Tips for Shopping Online Safely

Our consumption pattern is no longer what it once was ... We still like to go to the store, but we also shop more and more online. And we prefer to do that safely!

We'll get you started with best 7 tips to shop safely on the internet:

Are your browser and protection up-to-date?

Make sure you have the latest version of your internet browser and malware protection installed. This way you are optimally protected against security breaches and pieces of software (malware) that steal your data.

Buy only from reliable stores.

Know who you are buying from. Read reviews about the seller or the webshop. Check whether the webshop has a quality mark (such as Shoppingum.com). Is there a telephone number, address and e-mail on the website? Put the test to the sum and ask the seller a question to see how seriously he is trading.

Read the fine print.

Before you buy something, you should read the conditions. What if you do not like your purchase? Who will bear the return costs? What guarantee does the seller offer? So, you do not buy a cat in the bag.

Give as little information as possible.

You can view your personal information as money. You just give it out for a good reason. Only give the details (and price) that are required for your purchase.

Is the website secured?

Not only your own device and browser have to be safe, but also the webshop. Check whether the web address starts with https: // (s stands for secure, secure) as soon as you log in and when you enter your payment details. Never send your credit card details via e-mail, because then everyone can get started.

Choose a secure payment method.

If you pay with your credit card or with an online payment service (e.g. Paypal), then this financial service provider can intervene if something goes wrong with the delivery or order. With a transfer, you give money directly to the seller, and it is more difficult to recover this.

Compare, compare, compare!

If an offer seems too tempting to be true, then she is! Branded products at a 10th of the normal price? Then you can assume that it is fake! Do not attach too much faith to "Last pieces" or "Temporary offer". Compare at your convenience and choose the best offer. And do not forget: compare once with the same products in an 'offline' store.



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