Ways to Become JavaScript Specialist - Simpliv

Javascript has become the most import language you can learn.

Javascript is a critical part of these transactions. Handling everything from dynamic screen content to interacting with remote servers, every developer needs Javascript. And, Javascript is not just a web language any more. Due to related technologies like Node and Phone Gap Javascript can now be used in web development (client and server side) and mobile development.

Now a days online Learning is the best and popular way to learn Javascript. Simpliv [www.simpliv.com] will provide online JavaScript courses to become specialist.

What you will learn:

Create internal and external scripts
Use the event-based coding paradigm
Use the console for test output
Output conten to the browser
Manipulate HTML DOM elements via Javascript
Declare and Initialize Variables
Understand how Javascript variables are "typed"
Use arithmetic operators with Javascript variables
Use Javacript's built-in math functions
Create and use boolean variables
Evaluate conditions with if statements
Evaluate "either-or" scenarios with if else
Make complex decisions with else if structures
Apply the Javascript switch statement
Repeat sections of code using loops
Apply the structure and syntax of while loops
Distinguish between while and do while loops
Use the for loop syntax
Use for..in loops to loop through Javascript objects
Recognize situations that result in endless loops and correct them
Define a simple function
Make a function call
Send parameters to a function for processing
Use return statements to make functions more modular
Understand the syntax for anonymous functions
Work with mouse events
Work with keyboard events
Use form events to validate form data
Pass and use the event object to obtain event properties
Use alert boxes to provide user with information
Use confirm and prompt dialog boxes to interact with users
Declare a basic array
Access and edit array elements
Loop through an array to access each array element
Understand functions associated with the array class
Use string functions to manipulate string values
Use string functions to search and replace characters within a string
Use date functions to work with current date and time
Use date functions to work with future or past dates and times
Create basic regular expressions
Test for string matches with regular expressions
Engage search and replace actions with regular expressions
Conceptualize DOM structure (Document Object Model)
Use getElementById() and innerHTML()
Alter DOM elements dynamically
Add and delete elements from the DOM
Locate elements within the DOM tree
Understand the fundamentals of Service Oriented Architecture
Use the xmlHttpRequest() Object to communicate with web services
Make get-style web service requests
Mark post-style web service requests
Work with text data returned from a service
Parse XML data returned from a service
Parse JSON content returned from a service
Understand and use JSON notation
Draw on the HTML5 canvas
Access built in device geo-location features with Javascript
Create custom Javascript classes
Instantiate and consume Javascript objects



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