Android App Development – What’s Trending

Beacon Technology

Beacon technology which was initially available for the IOS devices as iBeacon, is today created by almost each organization involved into Android App development. It is actually the current trend which is gaining its importance in the market in the entire process of Android app development.

The most common reason behind this technology’s growth is this that it is multi-functional and has the ability to track a location. Additionally this technology help sense any kind of dangers like upgrading connections at airports, traditional hotel room keys, checking on temperature of a specific place and a lot more things.

Wearable Devices

Today almost every industry initiates to develop SmartPhone apps for their businesses. With this it becomes really speculated that how it will affect the mobile enterprise technique for businesses. Simply, when app development combines with the wearable technology it leaves a great impact on the business strategies.

Wearable has actually taken the portability of technology and has taken the app development to the highest level. Be it fitness brands, retailers, or anything available around us, wearable technology with different sensors has really become a common thing. After this there are apps, supporting such devices. These apps are designed in such a manner that the algorithm works in proper coordination with the wearable device while offering you the information you actually look for, simply on your mobile screen. Therefore android app developers are always excited to work with such a technology.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

These both technologies are so much in vogue today that businesses actually look forward to hire professional app developers so as to give the mobile applications a high-tech appearance. These both virtual reality and augmented reality are popular as the cornerstone of the technology today.

Virtual reality allows you to create a completely new kind of technology for the end users. While VR make people feel the real life situation, Augmented reality stimulate the sense of smelling, hearing and the feeling in a person which literally put people in a dilemma that whatever they are seeing is a reality or not. With this technology and its advancement android app development scheme has found use of these tactics in games, medical field, video making, etc.

In-App Payments

Today economy has moved to becoming cashless to a great extent and it is still advancing in the field. And when all the businesses are advancing towards getting a mobile app made, how can app developers devoid the making of in-app payments. Today both E-Commerce and other apps work together which is the reason that online payments have become an extremely important part of android app development process.

Along with that the Google’s new Android Pay, the sellers as well as the buyers both will stay in profit. Another most important feature of such apps is the security these offer. A user can be seen saving personal financial account details like credit/debit card details without any dread.

Instant Apps

Then there are instant apps developed by the Android app developers at Google. These can also be called the advanced part of technology. Many times it happens that you download an app and after its one time use, it stays in your mobile and occupies the space only. In such a situation instant apps is the best option. Instant app technology let you download just a single part of the app rather than the complete application, on a single click. This is literally useful as it helps in getting just the required part.

Android app development has never been a steady journey. It has always been about bringing something new into the picture, about innovation, continuous updating of current apps and keep updating them with exciting features.


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