The Ultimate Gift Ideas for Geeks

There is no doubt that a truly good present can literally melt your special one’s heart. However, how do you find that very gift that will make your significant other cry tears of happiness, especially if he or she is a geek? Well, luckily, we have something for you.


MasterBundles is an online resource that not only offers cool design bundles but also posts great articles on various topics. This very platform has recently published several rather useful and interesting posts about finding the best gifts for various types of geeks. In particular, MasterBundles came up with the gift solutions for designers, programmers, copywriters, photographers, system administrators, marketers, graphic designers, and generally all the nerds.

So let us check out some of the MasterBundles’ articles in order to find the ultimate present for your beloved geek.

60+ Valentine’s Day 2020 Gifts for Nerds: Programmers, Copywriters, Designers, Developers


Valentine’s Day is more than 5 months ahead, yet if you want to find the best present for your significant other, you might want to start looking for it now. 60+ Valentine’s Day 2020 Gifts for Nerds: Programmers, Copywriters, Designers, Developers is the article dedicated to the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your geeky sweethearts. As a matter of fact, the article offers such cool presents as mug warmer, LED word clock, wireless smartphone charger, floating Bluetooth speaker, color matching tool, external hard drive, power bank, and pocket projector. Besides, a fancy postcard would make a great attachment to your main gift, so the article showcases some of the lovely Valentine’s Day cards as well. Make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable for your beloved nerd with one of these awesome presents.

120 Best Gifts for Photographers 2019


20 Best Gifts for Photographers 2019 focuses on the best possible presents your photographer friend would really love. As a matter of fact, finding the gift that your photographer will truly appreciate is quite a task that requires a lot of energy and time. Fortunately, MasterBundles can make this process much easier and even enjoyable. The article itself lists over a hundred cool gift ideas for photographers from useful equipment to some funny stuff. To be more precise, the author suggests considering getting such presents as Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera, Canon Selphy CP1200 Printer, LimoStudio 700W Photography Softbox Light Lighting Kit, Perfect Light for Selfie, ElementDigital MJX Bugs 5W GPS Drone, as well as many other truly awesome gifts. So read this article and make your photographer unbelievably happy with one of these fancy gifts.

15+ Top Gifts for System Administrators 2019


If you need to find a present for a system administrator, then you definitely don’t want to miss 5+ Top Gifts for System Administrators 2019. The article will help you get a better understanding of sysadmins’ specific mindsets as well as figure out what gifts they will appreciate. In particular, the author offers the following items: Photive M90 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with Built-In Subwoofer, Glasses for Computer Use, Wireless Game Controller, Quirky Pivot Power 6 Outlet Flexible Surge Protector Power Strip, and Aroma Home Screen Wipe Pink Bunny. So if you still do not know how to make your system administrator happy, go ahead and check out this particular article!

35+ Gift Ideas for Marketers 2019: Weird, Amazing & Handy


Marketers are rather hard to please, but MasterBundles has something for them as well. 35+ Gift Ideas for Marketers 2019: Weird, Amazing & Handy focuses on the best gift ideas for marketers and offers over 35 cool presents. For instance, this article highlights such gifts as Analytics: The Agile Way by Phil Simon, Moleskine Smart Notebook, LandingZone Docking Stations, Epson BrightLink Pro LCD Projector, Hootsuite Plan. Besides, according to the author, among the gifts, marketers would like as well are gift cards, sports game and concert tickets, workshop certificates, and much other useful stuff. To find the ultimate present for your marketer in this very article.

60+ Best Gifts for Graphic Designers 2019


60+ Best Gifts for Graphic Designers 2019 highlights some of the coolest gift ideas for graphic designers. In fact, finding a present for a graphic designer is really tough, since that present has to be fancy, sophisticated, and useful at the same time. Fortunately, this very article lists more than 60 various gift ideas for graphic designers among which are Virtual Keyboard, Monitor Stand Riser Computer Laptop Desk with Desktop Storage Organizer, Graphic Design the New Basics Second Edition, Udemy Graphic Design Courses, MoMA Perpetual Calendar, Logitech Wireless Trackball, and Griffin PowerDock 5. Besides, the article also showcases a great selection of birthday and Valentine’s Day postcards that will be a cool attachment to your present. So make your graphic designer truly happy with a present you found in this article.

20+ Best Gifts for Programmers in 2019


Programmers are rather weird (in a good way) people and finding the ultimate present they would fall in love with is pretty difficult. Luckily, 20+ Best Gifts for Programmers in 2019 will help you understand the true nature of programmers and find that very presents they would like to get. For instance, this very article showcases the following presents: Eat Sleep Code Repeat Mug, Laptop Stickers Pack for Developer, 20 Lessons to Successful Web Development, CybertronPC CLX SET 1070S High-Performance Gaming PC, G710 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Keurig K475 Single Serve Coffee Maker, as well as many other bold gift ideas. So check out this very article and find the best present for your programmer.

Final Word

Finding a good gift is always time-consuming and rather difficult, especially if you have to find a present for a true geek. Fortunately, MasterBundles came up with hundreds of cool gift ideas for your geeky friends. So check out these articles and let us know in the comment section below whether you found the ultimate present for your geek.



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