Boostnote v0.11.0 Release

Boostnote v0.11.0 for Mac, Windows and Linux has been released.

A lot of contributors send us the many awesome features and improvements. Thank you hackers!

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Publish Markdown document from Boostnote to Wordpress blog

This PR aims to allow users publish markdown notes to configured wordpress sites. Snippets are not supported (we should probably allow publishing them to gist)

Contributor: Lu Rong 🙌

Folders in the side nav are draggable

Previously we could not re-order folders in the side nav. The only way we could do this is to manually go to the preferences and do it there. With this change, we are now able to drag folders and re-order them outside the preferences window.

Contributor: Christopher Tran 💪

All Updates

Features 🥁

  • Added support for toggling smart quotes in preview #1621
  • Folders in the side nav are now draggable #1617
  • Sort tags alphabetically #1616
  • add Toggle FullScreen feat + shortcut #1611
  • Add search tweaks; #1593
  • Adds the ability to copy the note link from the note list #1583
  • Move images between storages together with note #1579
  • allow publishing markdown to wordpress #1575

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • remove volatile hash from note links #1636
  • add UTF-8 tag to HTML export #1639
  • Export responsive html, fixes #1643
  • fixed code block style in exported HTML file #1648
  • Changed the minimum count of dummy data (folders and notes) #1649
  • SECURITY HOTFIX - Remove XSS attack #1634
  • Fix missing progress bar in note list #1614
  • Properly decoding for the title of pasted website #1612
  • fixed missing zoom button #1601
  • Fix insertion in Markdown lists #1594
  • Fixes UI overlapping in the snippet editor (bottom options) #1584

Dev 💻

  • Update KaTeX Library from 0.8.3 to 0.9.0. #1650


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