Boostnote v0.10.0 Release

Ladies and gentlemen, behold! Boostnote v0.10.0 for Mac, Windows and Linux has been released.

Many contributors send us the many awesome features and improvements. Thank you hackers!


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Display filename in codeblock #1533

forestail implemented displaying the filename in codeblock.


Contributor: forestail πŸ‘

Feat/display url title #1509

Antogin made bringing the web page title when pasting URL on editor. The user can opt out from Preferences.


Contributor: Antogin 🍻

Sync Split Editor scroll position #1521

Redsandro implemented the scroll sync for the split editor on Markdown.


Contributor: Redsandro 🌞

Highlight global search matches on code editor #1524

This pull request makes highlight the keyword on the text when searching something.


Contributor: Redsandro 😎 Thank you for many support!


Features πŸ₯

  • Export note with local images #1306
  • Fix permanently deleting note #1483
  • Feat/display url title #1509
  • Sync Split Editor scroll position #1521
  • Highlight global search matches on code editor #1524
  • Display filename in codeblock #1533
  • Added title attributes to elements to show information on hover #1539
  • Switch from preview to edit by double click #1543
  • Show pinned notes in All notes view and allow to pin them there #1544
  • Add storage labels to 'All Notes' and figure a better solution to the dull storage notes list view #1556
  • Added option Empty Trash #1558
  • Added note counts to tags view in side nav #1559

Bug Fixes πŸ›

  • the behavior of the editor when the enter key is pushed. #1502
  • Trashed notes should not be counted #1527
  • UX: Keep selection synced with note visibility #1528
  • Restore note UX enhancements #1549
  • Fixed ToggleMode button overlapping CSS issue #1567

Dev πŸ’»

  • Remove direct css styling todo lists from MarkdownPreview component #1531
  • Fix memory lickage #1570


The Boostnote team launches IssueHunt for sustainable open-source ecosystem. image


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