We held the "Meet up of React x Typescript" by Boostnote!

On Saturday, April 14 we had a meetup of the React x Typescript team!
This article talks you through how the meetup event went.


Event overview

This meetup was an event to learn new skills used for React x Typescript, and was carried out by those actually using React x Typescript.

By listening to the stories of engineers on site, we learned advanced skills and new ways of doing things - it was an event that allowed us to find even more efficient ways of operating.

LT 1 "The reason we switched from Redux to MobX" - Choi Junyoung

We have done LT by our CTO Choi Junyoung, who is developing Boostnote.

Slide - This is why we changed from Redux to MobX

LT1 Overview

  • It had been painful to using Redux – MobX is much easier
  • Increased memory capacity
  • Multiple mutations
  • Summary: It learns much more easily and it is much easier to use

Twitter account: @Rokt33r

LT2 "I wanted to develop with React + Redux" - Sei Yong-ju

On the participation panel, Mr. Sei, told us "I wanted to develop with React + Redux".

Slide - I wanted to develop with React + Redux

LT2 Overview

  • Why React?
  • Internal state vs external state
  • React's Trap
  • View or domain
  • Ideal directory structure
  • State normalization
  • Ability to dispatch another action when the action is Reduced
  • Type check
  • How do you use with React + Redux?
  • Conclusion

Twitter account: @sei40kr

LT 3 "Story about making video player with React" - yugo

On the participation panel, Mr. Yugo told us his "Story about making video player with React".

Slide - Story about making video player with React

LT3 Overview

  • Movie player specifications
  • Selection of library
  • Huge misunderstanding
  • About state management

Twitter account: @ymmmo1

After each LT, there was time for questions and answers from participants to LT.
This was a valuable experience where we could ask questions of engineers in the field.

Social gathering

After the LT was over, we had a party with beer, and had conversations with engineers from various fields – everything from vehicles to tourist media.
We heard from great stories.
Some people came from miles away, and it was a good event to meet a wide variety of people who we wouldn’t otherwise have had the chance to meet.


It is a really good experience to interact with different people at events.
These experiences help you to learn new methods and practices, and listening to stories from other people gives you the chance to learn a whole host of new skills.
The event itself is a party from the beginning, so whenever you’d like please do not hesitate to come and join us!

We also have Boostnote and Boostlog stickers for those who come.

Event page

Boostnote - Conpass
Events are held at Conpass at any time, so please follow Boostnote!


We are also sending out an SMS. Please follow and like us!

This was the introduction of "React x Typescript meetup" held in Tokyo on Saturday, April 14th.
The event venue is mainly organized at Slogan Co., Ltd. Event space.

We look forward to your participation at the next event.



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