Permissions in Facebook API (Part-2)

In this part, I am going to talk about the permissions that are required to be taken in order to use the Facebook API in your application. Before I move further, I would highly recommend you to read the Part-1 of this series, as most of the things I have explained there will be used here in this part as well. Alright! Let’s dive into the permissions of Facebook API.


In Facebook, there are varieties of permissions. You might have noticed them if you are a Facebook user, especially when you try to play some game on Facebook or use some app in Facebook. They ask for user permissions. Likewise whenever you login to other website using Facebook, again you will be presented with the permissions dialog box.

Each permission has its own set of requirements and usage. Let us discuss permissions that you need to know if you are developing application that requires Facebook API in some way or another.

email Permission

Email permission gives you access to the primary email address of the user via the email property on the user object. According to the official Facebook documentation, one thing that you should keep in mind is that if you request the email permission, it is not guaranteed you will get an email address. For instance, if someone signed up for Facebook with a phone number instead of an email address, the email field may be empty.

user_location Permission

User location permission provides access to a current city of the user through the location field on the User object. The current city is set by a person on their Profile.

user_birthday Permission

User birthday permission is used to access the date and month of a person's birthday. This may or may not include the person's year of birth, dependent upon their privacy settings and the access token being used to query this field.

user_education_history Permission

User education history permission provides access to a person's education history through the education field on the User object.

user_work_history Permission

User work history permission provides access to a person's work history and list of employers via the work field on the User object.

user_website Permission

User website permission provides access to the person's personal website URL via the website field on the User object.

user_religion_politics permission

This permission provides access to a person's religious and political affiliations.

There are many more. You can check those out in the official documents of Facebook API.


In this article, I have talked about few of the permission of Facebook API and their description. In the next part, I shall show you how to use these permissions in Facebook Explorer. See you in the next part.



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