Manual: How to use Slack

In this manual, I shall show you how to use Slack, but before creating the WorkSpace and the Channel, we need to know what Slack is.


In simple words, Slack is an instant messaging system.
You can also build apps using Slack.
Following are the features of Slack.

  • Channels and Private Channels

    • You can create channels using Slack, which specific persons or users can access upon your invitation.
  • Direct Messages

    • You can send direct messages to the user of your channel via Slack.
  • Share Your Files

    • You can share files to the groups or an individual user on Slack.
  • Notifications

        - You can send notifications to your team as well using Slack.

Now in order to create Slack App, we need to follow many steps.
So without further ado, let's get started.

Build an App

First we are going to build an App on Slack.
For that go to:

and click start building(as shown below).

Type the App name and the Development Slack Workspace name and create an App(fields as shown below):

Now you haven't created the WorkSpace before, don't worry! I am going to discuss it next.

How to make Development Slack WorkSpace

In order to make development Slack WorkSpace, click on the drop-down menu and select Sign-in to another workspace(as shown below):

Now click on the link right at the bottom of the page titled "Create a new WorkSpace."(as shown below)

Now enter your email address in the field shown below and hit next:

Now you will be asked to enter the confirmation code in the fields shown below.(Check your email)

Give your Full Name and the display name, set the password and move on to the next step.

Fill the following fields, and continue to the next step:

Give the company name, and hit next. Now choose the workspace name(as shown below):

Now agree to the terms and conditions, skip invitations form, and viola. You will have Slack Workspace shown down below.

How to Create Slake Channel

In order to create Slake Channel, click the plus icon as shown below:

Now fill-in the fields as shown below and hit "create channel."

Now Channel has been created(shown below)!

Now channel has been created as well.


In this manual, you have learnt how to create Slack App, its workspace and channel. In the upcoming articles, I shall show you how you can send messages to your channel from custom-made HTML page by using Slack API. That's it for this article.



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